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Has anyone watched the first two episodes? I'm planning on watching this since Onew is in it and because I have a huge crush on Song Joong Ki and I just wanted to see if you guys liked the first episode.
Chen and a female artist named Punch sang a beautiful ost for the drama. Yoon Mirae also sang one of the ost for the drama. The way Song Joong Ki is looking at Song Hye Kyo in these videos gives me butterflies...
Things I love so far: Song Joong Ki, the cinematography, Song Joong Ki, the bromance, Song Joong Ki, Lee Kwang Soo's guest appearance, and Song Joong Ki. Things I'm not so fond of: Korean writers still struggle to write a strong lead girl without making her come off as a B, the waaaaaay over the top OST. But with SJK in it, I'm in for the whole ride.
It looks good, I'll have to check it out once I finish Bromance
@gigiandviking haha me too. I'd watch anything with SJK in it
Song Joong Ki!!! OMG I'm so watching it .. I been waiting for a new drama with him. Yeeesss!