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I agree with @shannonl5 and @JimTurpen: EVERYONE IS GREAT!!
Although, I have to admit that some stood out for me. @redapple615 1st, I love your profile picture because I think Regina is amazing and deserves some happiness in her life. I know she's bad, but it's clear that one PERMANENT good thing will make her leave all the evil behind. Then Day 17 and Day 19 came and you just blew me away with your critiques. Usually when people say they don't like something or part of something, they don't know what they are talking about. And I would know, because I love watching their face of surprise and troubled thoughts when I indirectly call them out. Your critique was very well detailed and thought out. I also had to admit to myself that some of your points were true even though I didn't like them. You have yourself a new follower. LAVONYORK: Mrs. Merc with the Mouth and the main head of the Supernatural/SuperWhoLock community which where I first met you. And the biggest appreciation for the main head and Agent Carter of the Vingle Marvel Community: shannonl5. @shannonl5 and @LAVONYORK A friend had recommended this app to me because we both love anime, fanart of anime, and fanfic-you know what, we're a couple of Otakus looking for a reason to further our love for anime. Interestingly enough, we learned that we're Otakus. On top of that, I was gonna treat this app like I did my Facebook and Instagram accounts: follow & like, a system that worked quite well for me. Then I decided to explore and the Venom Caption Contest broke my silence and discovering Supernatural, well I don't have anyone to really share my love for the show, so I nearly jumped to the occasion. You both made me feel very welcomed and encouraged to participate more. Thanks for being apart of what makes this app so great.
finally!!! somebody showing me a little bit of luv today!!! thank you @BelleofRay!!! Loki sprinkles and spidey biscuits for everybody!!!
@buddyesd Yay!! I love sprinkles!!
Also, "All Hail Regina!!!"
its sure been a fun party!🎉
whoooohooooo xD
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