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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so frustrating. I'm totally drawing a blank right now...I can't think of a specific event that I want to have happen so...
I guess why hasn't Marvel introduced more unsexualized female superheroes, more LGBTQA+ superheroes, more superheroes who are people of color, and more superheroes a with disabilities (along with other non superhero main characters with disabilities who aren't treated like children or like they're incompetent).
As always feel free to leave comments! I'll be posting the next card soon!
Deadpool actually has a disability and a disease. Daredevil is blind. So there's a few of them already!
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More heroes with disabilities would be very interesting. I'd buy the comics for sure
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True it's pretty uncommon! I loved the Barbara Gordon/Oracle arc while it lasted, that was really sensitively done and the stories were great! I'd add Professor X, Fraction's Clint Barton (hearing impaired), Echo, Cable and Misty Knight both have prosthetics that help support them. I don't think every comic touches on these ideas and I think especially with characters like Cable it wasn't the intention of the writers to create a character with a disability, but they're there and very important!
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