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Luhan opens his eyes to a bright room, squinting he tries to adjust to the hard sunlight spewing in through the blinds. He tries to get up from the bed only to be held down. Looking to his hand he sees Areum perched on the floor her hand tightly grasping his and her face in peace due to sleep. Her peers down at her face, there seemed to be tear stains down her cheeks and her nose was red. "She stayed by your side the entire time" he nearly falls off the bed startled. "How long have i been out?" Luhan asks Lay who walks and sits on a chair near Luhan. "About 2 days" he replies handing a glass of water which Luhan greedily drank in one gulp. ".....Lay..what happened?" Luhan asks his head aching from thinking of what happened that lead to this. "Well..you and Areum went to pursue this vampire that was on our side of the border and he attacked you...and Areum...killed him" Luhan looks at Areum surprised she had it in her to kill something. "Thats great right?" Luhan asks watching Lay's conflicted face with wonder. "Yea, we have every right to due so but...he was the actual brother of Baekhyun.." The room falls slient. Baekhyun along with the other vampire's were diffidently dangerous, but over centuries they have been able to live in pece only because of Suho, their leader. If Suho wasn't in control of the cavern then Baekhyun would have been in charge. And knowing him, he would have declared war for revenge in a heartbeat. "We need to protect Areum!" Luhan growls getting protective as his thoughts ran wild. What if they had broke though their protective barriers and kidnapped her, worse, what if they tortured her?! "Its not Areum they are after.." Lay trails off looking rather uncomfortable. "Me?" Luhan confirms in disbelief. How? It was Areum that killed him right? "Yes, you see when you hit the branch you bleed Luhan, so when they came to retrieve Taehyung's remains your scent was the most dominant totally covering Areum's scent." He explains. "So they assumed that Taehyung and i faught and i ended up killing him?" He recalls as Lay nods. Luhan looks down to his lap brushing Areum's hair aside. "Better me then her" he mummers. Lay clears his throat and walks to the door "tell me if you need anything, and rest up, We have a meeting with the vampires tomorrow. You'll need your energy." With that he walks out, Luhan stares at Areum's features astonished by the similarities she had with his mate. His love. His life. That explained all his protectiveness towards the female. Areum stirs awake her eyes widening as she lays them upon Luhan. "LUHAN!!" She tackles him to the bed as he chuckles, he had missed her warm embrace. "Hey kiddo, how are you holding up?" He asks pulling free just to get lost into her eyes. "Me? I should be asking you that!" She smiles wide her cheeks puffing up her eyes forming crescents. Luhan felt weird all of a sudden, his heart feel...airy? Free? Happier? How could this be? He has felt the burden of his mates death, and the thirst of revenge was ever so strong. He thought he would be stuck with this dreadful forever! It was a huge lump on his chest that seemed to have vanished!? How? Did the killer of his mate die somehow? Was the killer brought to justice? A smile tugged the corners of his lips, maybe thats why he was happier? Maybe thats why he felt at peace? He watched Areum blabber about what he had missed over the course of two days. He couldn't help but realize Areum reminded him a lot about his mate. Areum had reminded him of his beautiful Sooyoung. ___________ I knoq this was short but but you didn't see that coming! Hahah yea Sooyoung is Areum's sister and Luhan's dead mate! Tags: @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13
omg what a twist
This story is amazing! Please tag me!
yaas. it's was so short though T-T but better than nothing. Good job! I'm so freaking excited!