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Kisuke Got Me Hype AF!
Wuddup y'all! Just wanted to get y'alls take on Kisuke's Bankai'! I really wasn't expecting it so soon and so suddenly, but I ain't mad at it. When I saw it I immediately thought of Mayuri. I feel Mayuri's Bankai' is based off of Kisuke's, like Benihime's child. I mean Kisuke and Mayuri do have quite the past together. I'm so ready to see what Kubo is going to do with this. I've been waiting for years. Don't let me down Kubo! Thoughts? Comments? Let me know!
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they finished on such a cliffhanger, I really wanted to see more of kisuke.
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For real! I was so looking forward to it. I bet the next chapter is gonna skip over to another fight. If that does happen, I want to see either Tōshirō's or Kira's. @odysseu5
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I feel like we've all waited like, 10 years to see what Urahara' bankai would be like
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