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Get ready to feel ancient.

This weekend marked the celebration of 20 years of Pokemon, the video game and Anime series that captivated an entire generation and continues to grab the attention of young people today.
According to Mashable, New York City was basically geared directly towards all Pokemon fans this weekend, as an army of giant Pikachu tottered around the city in celebration.
Via Mashable:
"The Pikachu, which came to life through giant costumes that required inflation, made their way across the city, first arriving near the Brooklyn Bridge, moving to Midtown Manhattan and then ending their journey at Penn Station. The Pikachu drew a crowd, and even required a team a handlers to help them navigate in the large suits."
News was also released this weekend that new games are on the way. From the cards to the video games, Pokemon has one on the biggest and most diehard fanbases in video game culture.

In honor of the big day, show some love with your favorite Pokemon in the comment section below!

TeddyUrsa and Togepi. My favorite pokemon were always the super cute ones. I even have a jumbo togepi in my room. Won it in a bid on Ebay.
I love jiggly puff!!!
@danidee I wish for them to visit the windy city
mine was lapras and growlite (2nd). pikachu will always be the #1 star of the show
Whenever I see those videos or pictures of the Pikachus all parading around in costume, I always wonder when they're going to finally invite me to one of these.
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