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Since I have bought many kpop album's, manly BTS and B2ST. I have collected many photo cards and each card I have laminated one at a time.
The photos above shows you how I do it. I take packing tap and scissors. Then I tape one side then I flip it over to do the other side. Sometimes it works and then there are time when the tape does not want to work with you.
While you are laminating you have to have great tunes to listen to. the songs above where from a Playlist of my favorite kpop songs. So far I have 18 photo cards and I'm sure I'll have more in the near future. the reason I wanted to share this was because I'm sure a lot if you have photo cards from any kpop album you have bought. My first card was Gikwang from B2ST and I noticed that it was getting damaged from being in my wallet.
So I started laminating each card that I receive to save them.
@LysetteMartinez that's OK as long as you try and see if it works.
@LysetteMartinez no problem 😊
Sounds good I'm going to do the same thing when I get one, a while back I bought one of Taeyangs albums, the CD works fine but when I try to play the DVD it won't play, something about the region, and I can't return it or get a refund!!
@Choijiah I need to go to the public library lol cuz I don't have a computer
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