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Gosh that fanart I found is amazing. Don't you all agree. Credit to the owners of all photos, gifs and arts. I do not own them at all.
So guys once again it is Monday and it is time to appreciate this lovely creature named Mark Taun. Of course, my card will be a one shot this week of Reader x Mark Taun. I hope you all enjoy this cheesy fluff one shot!! Especially you my dear @luna1171. :)
Without further ado Please read.
It's a Monday afternoon and you grab Coco's leash; your boyfriend Mark's dog to go to the dog park. You are at the park lying underneath the tree that started it all 2 years ago.

I was underneath the shade of this giant tree with my eyes closed as I felt a cold wet nose of a dog and then lick of a tongue. I open my eye and find a cute little white dog near my face just licking away at my cheek. I giggle and reach my arms for the dog and place her on my chest to read her tag. I notice she doesn't have a collar on. I sit up and look around to see if anyone is panicking over a missing dog.
"hmm what is you name little dog and who is your owner?" I ask the adorable ball of white fluffiness. It just barks up at me. I sit it in my lap as I sit up and pet her soft fur. I am debating whether or not to get up and take the dog with me. I eventually just decided to lay back down. The little fluff ball laid on my chest and we both fell asleep under the shade of the tree.
It seemed like I was only asleep for 30 minutes when I heard someone calling "Coco! Here Coco. My pretty Coco Where are you?" I heard the panic in the voice. I saw the white dogs ears twitch at his voice and her tag wail. I sit up and hold the dog up against my chest.
"Over here, Sir! Is this your dog?" I shout. He smiles in relief when he comes up and takes his Coco in his arm and snuggles her against his face. I giggle at his cuteness. We started talking and exchanged numbers that day.
***end of flashblack***
Again here is Coco and I asleep under the tree. I feel a shadow come over us. I just grin. The shadow sits down besides me and lifts my head and puts it on his lap.
"(y/n) I see you and Coco are napping instead of playing. Just like 2 years ago when we met. Its so cute to see you too snuggled up but I am a little jealous."
I peek open an eye and look up at him to see him do his pouty face. I giggle again. He smiles and lean down and presses a kiss to my forehead. I smile wide.
"I only cuddle with her when I am missing you, Mark!"
He busts out laughing knowing that's a lie. Coco is just too cute not to cuddle. I open my eyes and look at Coco who is peering up at me.
"Coco, Daddy is laughing at us. What should we do?".
I sit up and lean towards my boyfriend. I go to lean in as if I am going to kiss him when I push him down on the ground and place Coco on top of him. I begin tickling him and tell Coco to attack. She gives her daddy wet kisses all over his face as I sit on him and tickle him.
"Enough, Coco tell Mommy I am sorry."
I stop tickling him and look down at his bright smile. I bite my lip and look at him. His eyes go a little darker. I feel his hands on my waist.
"I love you (y/n)!"
"I love you, Mark!" I lean down and press my lips in a gentle peck. Then get up and run. Coco barks after me and starts chasing me. Mark soon follows. We run around tiring Coco out once again. Mark carries her and intertwines our fingers together as we head home.
I look up at him and give him an eye smile. Hand in hand we walk down the street carrying our dog child. He looks down at me and I mouth what.
"One day I hope we add a real child to the mix. I think Coco would love a human sibling."
I blush scarlet and respond "that day maybe sooner than you think love."
"(y/n) are you telling me that I am going to be an actual dad!" I bite my lip and nod my head. He pulls me into his side and kisses my temple.
"Ok, then will you make me the happiest man alive, and complete me by marrying me!"
I scream and jump up and down. "Yes, yes and a thousand times yes!" I pull him down for a kiss.
"Sweetheart, let's continue this celebration when we get home!"
You both walk the five minutes left down the street to your apartment as the sunsets on the day ushering in the night.
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@MaricelvaRomero but of course I had to sneak in a small dose
I saw some MARKSON !
Aaaaaaawww.. so much flufiness. .CoCo. .that was soo cute .. I would have never imagined CoCo was coming up on your next cool .Loved it!! lol and yes I love the fan art..too is so good
😂😂😂😂as much as I love bae .....Oh forget it that was adorable except the whole I love you thing I cringe