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๐ŸŒน Flower Boy Rapmon ๐ŸŒน
Our Rap Monster doing being cute? Doing aegyo?!! You can't see that?! Well I shall prove you wrong! Our leader Namjoon is a cutie pie. Don't forget to comment below which member or group you want to see next! BTS: Jin/V/Jungkook/Suga/Jimin/J-Hope
Now there it is! Do you believe that our fierce leader can be as cute as a button?! >~<

Please comment below which member/group you want to see next!

BTS: Jin/V/Jungkook/Suga/Jimin/J-Hope If you wanna stay updated please follow my collection "Flower Boys of Kpop"!!! None of these photos belong to me! All rights go to their respective owners!
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@TheEnlightment love is in the air and my tears are on the ground
a year agoยทReply
@CosmicCassidy and my tears have joined yours, they're gonna throw a party
a year agoยทReply
This is a very handsome Namjoon. I still can't define if my UB is Namjoon or Jimin..... ใ… ใ… 
a year agoยทReply
@JessicaVang don't worry lol it took me forever
a year agoยทReply
Big bang, got7, vixx, monstax, ikon, seventeen ,u kiss, byob, uniq, and shinee
a year agoยทReply