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Well not really, Misty Knight actually have a bionic arm.. So I guess she could still go down as a bionic woman lol. Let's talk about this Unsung that will at least get so sing when Luke Cage Netflix show comes on.
Misty was seriously injured preventing a bomb attack back when she was a police officer with the NYPD. Her right arm was amputated and rather than take a desk job, she resigned from the police force. Tony Stark provided her a bionic arm which endowed her superhuman strength. Soon after that she met Spider-Man and then Iron Fist. Misty roomed withX-Men member Marvel Girl until Marvel Girl returned to her life as an X-Man.
Soon after she first met Iron Fist, the two crime-fighters fell in love. Misty conducted undercover work against the crime lord John Bushmaster. She aided Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and Colleen Wing against Davos, the Steel Serpent.She then first met and fought Luke Cage, Power Man. Misty's "Knightwing Restorations Ltd" detective agency would go on to help Power Man and Iron Fist's Heroes for Hireagency on numerous cases. Misty aided Iron Fist and Power Man in rescuing captives of John Bushmaster, and procured a videotape clearing Cage of crimes. Iron Fist and Misty Knight makes a cute couple! I approve lol.
Misty later learned of Iron Fist's apparent demise. Iron Fist was presumed dead for an extended period, until Misty saw the Super-Skrull impersonate Danny Rand on television. She confronted the Super-Skrull in his guise as Danny Rand. Misty assistedNamor the Sub-Mariner in finding and saving the hero. They went to the Savage Land, where they learned that the Super-Skrull had been posing as Iron Fist, and Misty aided Namor and Namorita against the Super-Skrull. She and Danny Rand were ultimately reunited and renewed their relationship. Awwwww that you Namor for the helping hand! Let's give it up to this hero that will hit the screen soon! Btw this piece contains no spoilers that get into the story line of Luke Cage!
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@LAVONYORK you're much prettier😊😊 (im trying to steal ya away from @inplainsight😼😼😼)
her hand literally melts animantium
and shes with iron fist awesome!!!
who is this goddess! 😍😍😍
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