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I had a major blast at my first anime convention! I went with about 16 friends from school who are also into anime, we stayed in the Hilton hotel all 3 nights. The convention was fun, and having this experience with my friends sharing the excitement was even more fun! I suggest anyone into anime take the opportunity to go to one of these events at least! You can buy swords from anime characters, masks, tails, shirts, wall scrolls, paintings, posters, meet famous people, learn about upcoming animes, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! And you might even have the joy of going to a rave like I did, IT WAS TONS OF FUN! CARRYING GIRLS ON YOUR SHOULDERS WHILE BEING SHIRTLESS AND JUMPING AROUND TO MUSIC WAS JUST... EXHILARATING!
I will definitely be going to next year's anime convention as a freshman in college! I'm looking forward to it. But... this time I want to do a legitimate cosplay. I was thinking about going as Kilik Rung from Soul Eater, but I want more choices y'know? Unless this is all I need If you looked at the pictures in the cosplay part of the collection I had a pikachu jacket on usually with the hood on if the hood was off, then the hat that was usually on my waist would be on my head. If you guys have any suggestions as to who I should cosplay I'd greatly appreciate it.
Bleach Zommari Rureaux Tetsuzaemon Iba Zennosuke Kurumadani Oetsu Nimaiya Tessai Tsukabishi Kaname Tosen
@Bolidelol21 dude I just found a lot of black characters from bleach
@amysaul87 I haven't seen bleach, do you know the charaters name so I can look him up?
@Bolidelol21 how about the one guy from bleach who was a captain and an arrancar
Hm, I'll definitely consider it! I think a person in my group might be doing Simon next year, but I'll see between who I think about I should do, and more suggestions. I appreciate your suggestion, and it shall be considered! THANKS MAN! @amysaul87
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