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Kpop Sheet Music

Since I'm a huge music nerd and want to be able to play kpop music with my friends, I searched some up. It was a tough search, but this is what I found. Anyone want to try it?
If you have some songs you'd like me to look for, comment down below! And if these worked for you, let us know!
Tagging the head chairs:
And tagging the rest of the fam:
The others: @SerenityThao
it is hard to find piano music for KDrama in USA, so I usually just listen to the song a lot and pick it out on the keyboard by ear.
I can definitely look for one and update all of you guys! @faith92 @drummergirl692
I'm going to nail "I Need U"!!!
I wish I could play some of this
Would you be able to find "How Did We Get" by Lee Hyori ft. Daesung? I haven't had any luck finding it.
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