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part 10: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1471817 ********************************************************************
Kris continued to tickle me and I couldn't stand it anymore and I kicked him off the bed, gasping for air. He fell on the floor with a thump and Suho opened the door wide open, when he heard the noise. He saw me leaning over the bed, patting Kris on the back, the state of my clothes caused him to turn around and sees Tao and Sehun looking at me. He shooed them away and closed the door, saying goodnight. Kris and I looked at each other and laughed. He climbed on the bed and he laid me down and put the comforter on top of me. He laid his head on his hand and look at me. I felt so content and happy to finally be honest and free.
"Kris, can you tickle me?" I put my arm on my side. "Didn't I get hurt for tickling you?" he says, smiling. "No," I giggled, "I mean caress me, until I fall asleep." He starts stroking my arm up and down, I purr a little, making him smile. In a few minutes, I'm fast asleep.
Kris smooths my hair and traces my face with his long fingers. He kisses my shoulder, then my forehead, making my nose scrunch up. He grabs his phone and takes a picture. He gets up slowly from the bed and searches for my phone, to put it to charge. He gets an idea and unlocks my phone and plays around with it and puts it down when he was satisfied with what he's done. He grabs his clothes and leaves the room, he looks back at me one last time then shuts the door.
**** Kris's POV****************
I left her alone in my room. The way she is, how she is so honest and different, so tempting to walk in that room and make her mine. I told the guys that I'll be sleeping on the couch, usually I have Luhan or Tao sharing my bed, because we don't have enough rooms. It's 1:10 am, I should start going to sleep, I grab the TV's remote about to turn it off when Chanyeol steps out of his room and goes to the kitchen bumping into the counters, to grab some water. I hear my door open and see Jinny walking out of my room. The dim light of the TV, I see she's not completely awake, maybe sleep walking, my shirt hanging off one of her slender shoulders, exposing her collarbone. I see her walking towards the kitchen, I get up and follow her. She bumps into Chanyeol's back and gives him a hug. I was so shocked, that I saw Chanyeol start walking back to my room and Jinny backhugging him while he walked. I follow them to my room and they get into the bed and cuddle. What the Hell? I see Jinny shiver for being uncovered and I sigh. If you can't beat 'em, join them. I climbed on the bed and covered us with my comforter. Jinny turned around towards me and wrapped her legs with mine and tucked her head under my chin. "God, please give me strength." I groaned. I wrapped my arms around her and fell into a deep sleep.
******Jinny's POV************************************
I wake up toasty and warm, I stretch my body, when I realize I'm tangled up with limbs. I open my eyes and see Chanyeol looking at me, I sit up quickly. I look over to my other side and see Kris still sleeping. *Awww how cute* I glance at Chanyeol and his eyes are closed. I carefully scramble off the bed and rush to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and I see my hair in a mess. *Ugghh* I wash my face and brush my teeth with my finger. I slowly open the door to find the cutest thing ever.
I reached for my phone and took a pic. I heard a small knock at the door. I open it slowly as not to wake the guys, hovering at the door is Baekhyun, Tao, and Suho. Once they see it's me, they sigh in relief. Suho breaks the silence, "Jinny, can I talk to you for a moment?" I nodded and slipped out of the room. Suho let me sit across from him, I smell breakfast, I look up and see Xiumin and Lay in the Kitchen. Suho puts a tablet on the table and taps at the headline of an article. I glanced at it, then I made a double take, I saw a picture of me and Chanyeol and Kris getting inside a taxi. The article is asking what is my relationship with them and who's the mystery girl. Suho looks at me and he gives me a sympathetic smile and says, "I'm sorry Jinny that this has happened to you." Tao brings a plate and a cup of joe, "Jinny is pretty cool and I'm sure this won't affect her that much." I look up to him and smile, "Thanks, Tao. It's not me, I'm worried about it's the backlash y'all are going to receive. Maybe your company can say that one of the staff members felt ill and Kris and Chanyeol took her home to rest." Suho's expression brightened up at my suggestion. "You should be a PR rep, that was some quick thinking, Jinny." said Suho. I smiled and look down at my plate, my stomach grumbling. I look to them and I guess they figured out what I was hinting at, they started to eat and I followed along. Halfway through, Kris and Chanyeol come out of the room. They grab a seat and start eating, both giving me glances. I smile and Suho tells them what happened. They both agreed that it was a good idea about my suggestion. Something was gnawing at me about the profile. "Who took that picture?" Everyone looked at me and the table erupted with scenarios. I looked at the picture and something seems off about the picture. It was taken inside a building through a window. You can't really see my face but Kris and Chanyeol definitely stood out. I can't believe who it was. *****************************************************************************
who do you think it was? Sorry, for the cliffhanger. I have to build up my story, I feel like I'm writing a book. LOL
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