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I've been drawing for the last few days (October draws everyday but more so the last few) and it's gotten to the point where I cannot draw a <explicative> thing I want and I'm frustrated and <explicative> the <explicative> off! And I'm stuck in the usual spiral of why do I bother trying and I think I'm going to do this for a living? This is the only piece that came out even remotely decent in the last few days. <explicative> <explicative> <explicative> <explicative> <explicative> <explicative>
I'm currently in art classes (taken many before) and I'm subscribed to multiple drawing tutorials on YouTube
Cool down, dude. These creative blocks are part of the creative process. Just take your time. Everything will go away.
Habe you tried taking lessons? Or even just learning more tips on YouTube. It helps to have some inspiration some times ^^
I think there's a point when any artist (visual, writer, musician) is skilled enough to look at their work and know what needs to improve, but not quite skilled enough yet to make those improvements. It's a frustrating place to be for sure, but it usually means you're on a plateau *just* before you're about to make a significant improvement. I believe in you <3