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Jimmy Kimmel is back at it again!
Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves" has been doling out cringe-worthy laughs for a while now. The premise of the segment is simple, as they unite unsuspecting Internet trolls with their famous targets. This is what happens when the latest version of internet trash talk got relinquished to this masses last week.
The latest segment meshed tweets focused on famous movie actors.
This may have been the funniest one yet. They were relentless on this one, letting in on everyone under the sun. The funniest tweet was shared by Seth Rogen, which stated "Convinced Seth Rogen is just Dustin Diamond with 150 extra pounds on."

Catch the hilarious segment above, you won't regret it!

Also for the record, I had to take my headphones off mid-Sean Penn's tweet because I was busting up laughing too hard.
RICHARD DREYFUSS! He's the shit. He used to be a regular at my Starbucks when I worked there, and homedude was always hilarious.
Haha these were great!!!