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There aren't a lot of Arby's around my way, but when I used to eat beef, it was the place to eat. The quality of the sandwiches and curly fries were top notch.
Sadly, when I walked away from beef, places like Arby's went to the wayside as well. I guess Arby's heard my cries, and decided to troll the hell out of me and vegetarians for one glorious day.. in honor of Leap year of course.
Here's whats on the menu:
Diners will be able to choose from options like the Reuben Sandwich, the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich and the Beef ‘n’ Cheddar classic sandwich that are all lacking their eponymous ingredient. Vegetables, condiments and cheese reign supreme as the featured sandwich-stuffers.
“We’re proud of our meats and haven’t been shy about promoting them, so we wanted to show vegetarians that with a little creativity, Arby’s can fit into their diet as well,” Arby’s told Mashable.
So for my fellow Vinglers having trouble keeping up, they are offering sandwiches without meat.. just a bun and lettuce.
Funny thing is, I think some people will stop by Arby's and give this a go.
Me and Mom have been hardcore Arby's fans for... like.... Ever. LOL Especially when they tossed out their special 5 for 5 deals. We still have tons of Arby's around so there won't be any shortage of roast beef around here. Even if they are being veggie friendly. Bring on the curly fries and Meats! :3 \(o_o)/
Just bun and lettuce!?
Aw boo! I used to love Arby's when I ate meat as well! Haven't seen many in California lol
To be honest, In N Out's grilled cheeses are essentially cheeseburgers without the meat, and they're really, really popular!
I love good mood food. I get the chicken and swiss sandwich and tons of curly fries! !!' I know of 2 in the San Fernando Valley.