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Baekhyun walks into the mansion with the smell of human blood in the air. Sehun rushes to the front gates anticipating for their monthly dose of donated human blood they would be able to get through a friend. He stood their confused as to why Baekhyun wasn't holding any bags. Fear stuck the maknae "hyung...you didnt" he trials off, just then Suho walks into the room with a disappointing scowl on his face. He knew they weren't expecting their blood till next week which only meant one thing. "How could you Baekhyun!" He roars making Sehun cower slightly behind Kai who watched in amusement. "What?!" He spat his eyes glowing red, not from anger though, from evidence that he had feed off a human. "Is this how you cope with your brothers death? Going against our morals?! What if the mutt-" Baekhyun lets out a growl "dont worry, there is no trace of the body" he mutters, just then Chanyeol walks into the room. "Baek you owe me" he grumbles taking a seat on the couch. Baekhyun simpley smiles, he turns to face there leader expecting him to lash out on him like he had done to Taehyung. But to his supprise he just sighed in defeat. "Never again Baekhyun, never again" he begins to walk out the living room only to bump into D.O as he slams the door shut to his chamber. "Hyung you so greedy! Not getting us anything!" Sehun whines gritting his teeth in frustration. The fresh smell on blood hung in the air making it harder for tne newborn to cope. "D.O...why are you so quite? You've been like this since..." Kai trials off his blue orbs boring ino his Hyung worriedly. "I....im sure you guys noticed another scent..near Taehyung's body.." He begins as they all listen nodding vigorously. "Yea! The sweet one? Yea it smelt delicious! Like Perfume or bubble tea!" Sehun elaborates. The mysterious scent they have came across next to the mutts scent was a beautiful scent. The guys had originally thought of it to be perfume and brushed it aside. "Well....Suho and i went to the treaty line to talk to the packs leader-" "i dont get why we have to talk this out! They killed one of us! We should kill one of them!" Chanyeol growls as the rooms fills up with snarls if agreement. Ignoring the interruption D.O continues. "I smelled that same scent on the alpha and his mate...it seems like there is another female living amongst those wolfs." He concludes. His eyes wonder from member to member waiting for any input. "Your point being?" Baekhyun sighs out frustrated. "My point being, packs as big as Exo-M having a female can mean one of the two things." The boys lean in wanting more "one, she could be a mate of another member, which she isnt, or two....she could be their 'protector'" he waits for the rest to follow before answering the obvious question. "A 'protector' in a pack is pretty much the missing link, its the thing that keeps them all together, keeps them all sane. Its like the 'protector' is a sort of glue. Usually packs seem to function fine without a 'protector' but once they find their 'protector' they become more attached, more strong. More like they are all one one unit altogether . Least to say a 'protector' is more important then the alpha themselves." Kai lets out a fake yawn indicating his brief yet long history lesson was a complete bore. Sehun scoffs, clearly their dumb library had paid off "Again Hyung, the point being?" Baekhyun asks this time impatient. This time a sickeningly sweet smile crosses D.O features. "Point being. We want revenge, what better way then to break them apart? Then loose their sanity? Then loosing their protector?" The group of boys perk up at the sound of revenge, the plan of destroying them from within seemed like the best plan, just then a cough can be heard. There eyes land on Suho, they all gulp in fear of the fact he might have herd their plan. "Kyungsoo....i like it." Suho replies with a smirk. ~Back to the Pack~ "Luhan slow down! You eating like a pig!" Areum squeals in disgust as the deer faced boy stuffs his face with food. Going two days without no food had a great toll on his energy level. "Fig!? FIG!! Im tno fig!!" ('Pig? PIG? Im no pig!!') Luhan growls back with his face filled with food, unable to make out the words he had just said Areum sticks out her tongue. Areum's ears twitch at the sound of the front doors being opened, familiar scents fill the room a she runs to the front door. "Omo! I was soo worried! You guys took soo long!!" Tao lets out a tired smile, the meeting wasn't that long but throughout the whole meeting Tao was on high alert his body stiff yet ready for any sudden bad moments from the bloodsuckers. Least to say his energy had run out. "Ugh! So glad to be home!'l Tao opens his arms ready to be tackled by a hug, but he just stood there. Areum ignored Tao running straight to Krystal hugging her lovingly. "Are you ok? Is the baby ok?" She frantically asks making Krystal smile at the girl fondly. "Of Corse silly! Don't worry by tomorrow this will be settled!" She assures, addressing it more to Luhan then Areum. In moments the room was filled with chatter and happiness filled the entire cabin. But Kris on the other hand felt...of? He felt sick to his stomach and began sweating bullets. He knew something was wrong, or something was about to happen. He just couldn't figure out who was in danger, Krystal? The baby? The boys? Or Areum? "Babe?" Krystal calls out worriedly making him snap out of his trance. "You must be tired! Take a shower and wait for me in bed, i'll be there!" She assures smiling wide making his heat flutter. Before descending to the stairs he looks at his family, filled with laughs cheers and most importantly happiness. Kris clenches his hands into fists, no matter what happens, nothing would get in the way of him and his family. _____________ I noticed the last update was a tad bit too small....so here ya go! Two in one day!! Not to mention the fact i wanted my dear readers to understand a bit more about everything! Tags: @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13 @AaliyahNewbell
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