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Junsu in Elizabeth again. Assa! I love Junsu in this musical because it's just so so beautiful and I can't even describe in into words. It's also the musical that gave him the 'Best Leading Actor' at a Musical Award show last year. The musical tells the story of Elisabeth, the Empress of Austria, from her engagement and marriage in 1854 to her murder in 1898, through the lens of her growing obsession with Death as her marriage and her empire crumble around her at the turn of the century. Death (Junsu), is the personification of Death. (From wiki) p.s: besides Junsu, Death is also played by Park Hyo Shin. I love him too... his husky voice is just too beautiful. :(
He looks good in silver hair! fighting junsu
@Caribecali I know right!!! Junsu needs to be in more musical. His voice is just too beautiful for words aknjfbmahbaa ;___;
Junsu Back as Death Daebak!!!:)