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On one warm sunny day in Seoul, South Korea, You were walking to school with your head looking down. You felt nervous going to school, Especially since it was your first day. You look up to see a huge building towering over you as it blocks the sun. You read the fine print across the building,

'Victory Mountain High School'

You walk through the gates as everyone's eyes were glued at you. You felt a shot of anxiety darting through your mind as your blood ran cold. You heard the bell ringing for class as you head towards campus. You pull out your schedule to see who you had first. As you look down at the piece of paper, You felt something push against you, Making you fall to your knees. You picked up the paper and look up to see a guy, who was very well groomed; Had a disguted expression shining upon him. His eyes look at you up and down as you pick yourself back up. You immediately bow and apologize nicely,
"Oh! I am so sorry. Please forgive me."
He grunts out some disrespecting words, "Watch out where your going..." He spits on the floor before walking away. You felt wronged and ignored as you head to Mrs. Pines class.
You skip out on food and walk straight into the caferteria and walk towards a table. You sit at the corner of the table as you bring your backpack towards your lap. You take out your notebook and a pencil. You open it and start to draw random things. During the fun times, You felt something hard hit the table. You look up to see that same guy again!
"Yah! Why are you sitting at my table?" He asks you rudely.
You look up with wide eyes as your voice seemed to stutter, " Be..Be.. Because..."
He interupts you by grabbing your notebook a ripping out a few pages. You start to tear up a bit as he says breathingly, "Leave this table now... I don't want to see your peasant face again." You get as you see a group of boys walking towards him. They all chant out words such as, "Seungri!! Seungri!!", "Prince! Prince!", etc.
You run away in tears as you open the door widely. You heard a voice yell out,
You try to stop crying as you turn around to see a guy lying on the ground with his head down. His hand covers his forehead as he looks up at you. He shys his face down as you immediately apologize as you put out your hand,"Oh My God! I am so sorry---"
He takes your hand as he says, "It's Daesung. Kang Daesung...And It's okay...Umm.."
"I'm (Y/N) (L/N). Again I'm so sorry (But I love you xD)"
He blushes as you pull him up. He stands in front of you with his hand rubbing his neck. He looks into your tearful, red eyes as his face looked worried.
"A beautiful girl shouldn't be crying. What is wrong sweet?" He wraps his arm around your shoulders as he walks with you. He walks you towards the bathroom as he says,
"Don't Cry please...I don't want to see any more tears." You blush a bit as you walk into the Girls' Bathroom. Daesung opens the door behind and slowly walks in. You shout out,
"Yah! What are you doing?"
He waves his hands in fear, "No Its Okay! There aren't no other girls in here! Plus it smells nice in here."
You chuckle a bit as you grabbed a few pieces of toilet paper and wipe away your tears. Daesung walks towards your face and uses his thumb to wipe away the pain. You stopped crying knowing that it seemed liked he cares. You move his hand away saying,
"Thanks~ But I can handle wiping tears by myself."
He softly pushes your back against the wall as he looks into your eyes. As your back hits the wall, You felt his forehead touches yours as his hand hits the wall with force. He raises your chin as he starts to laugh to the ground. Your eyes looked confused as he says with laughter, "I'm sorry~ I was trying to act cool but your reaction was priceless..."
He pauses as he continues, "If a boy acts like that around you, Don't fall for it."
He pinches your cheek and walks out, Leaving you standing there with grief.
I walk out of the caferteria with my head held up high. I look in front of me to see a guy walking away with a eye smile. I felt disgusted and weirded out as he smiled. The way his eyes disappear before me." Yah! You! What are you so happy about?!"
He turns to me as he yells, "Because I'm not a Bastard!"
I turn around and run towards him with my squad following me. By then, I have caught up with him and grabbed onto his shirt. He seemed to laugh as he looked frightened.
"So, Who is a Bastard?"
He looked like a trot man as he says in a childsih voice, "You! You are a dick and you know it."
I looked at my men with angry eyes. He continues, "Your a Dick! D-I-C-K! You think your all that because your a prince! You have foolish men following you like servants! You have broken many girls hearts!"
I push him onto the floor furiously. I punch him really hard as I can but my squad pulls me back. I yell at him, "THIS ISN'T OVER!!!! I'LL GET YOU!!!"
*HER PERSPECTIVE* You walk outside to see Daesung getting up from the floor. You run towards him with pride. You dust him off as you ask him with worry, "What happened Daesung?"
He chuckles as he says, "Don't worry about it Sweet~ See your pretty face tomorrow."
That Night, You layed on your bed with thoughts,' Why is Daesung always smiling? How can someone always be in a happy mood? Who was that douche in the caferteria? What did I ever do to him?'
You felt your eyes getting heavier and heavier as you push your head into the lumpy pillow. You sit up with pain in your left arm as you start to cry a bit. You lift up your sleeve to see blood running down from your arm to your sheets. You run to the bathroom, Close and lock the door behind you. You turn on the faucet and pour water over your skin. You rip off the band-aids that were previously there and throw them away. You try to rub the blood off of you but it doesn't seem to work. You wrapped bandages around your entire arm and put it into place. You walk into your room and jump onto your bed. You kept rubbing your arm as you try to fall asleep, But you couldn't. Eventually you did, But you would always wake up every few hours.
I kept thinking of her, The way her eyes twinkle when we made eye contact, The way how her skin glistens in the sun, Even though she was crying, She looked beautiful.
But someone else is on my mind, Seungri, His devilsh smile can kill many girls. I bet he had been in just about every girl's pants at our school, Almost, But I'm gonna stop him no matter what it takes... I'll fight this battle to the very end because... I ain't scared of a Greedy, Cruel, Evil, Horrible, Demonished Prince and his stupid and worthless "Squad."
I hoped you all enjoyed this new series about our King of Maknaes, Seungri! Featuring the Eye Smile Angel, Daesung!
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