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so basically it's prom season and I feel like I'm playing cupid creating all these prom scenarios for other people. so far I gave out about 3 but what are good confession you guys can come up with?
candles and roses so basically this is something my step brother did for his friend. I though it was so cute that I should share it. p.s that's my brother in the top right corner of the second pic. some people says he look korean but I don't see it.
roses in a row so basically this one is where you have your friends come up randomly giving the person 1 rose each. at the end, you get a boutique of roses and confess to them. for my classmate in this case who's asking my friend is putting a fake rose in the boutique and is gonna say "my love will die when these roses die." so cute I wish it was me...
post it confession so this one you have a bunch of post it notes to make a message to the person. this one I didn't make up but instead I saw it online. it's really cute but if you can't do this remake it to be simple. perhaps instead of something like that. you can leave a not trail so she could find you with maybe a boutique.
I really want to do something like confession song too, that's really cute
here's more videos. if you have anymore ideas please comment below and I know the we got married one is sad buts a good event!!
omg honestly that sounds really cute!! @JustinaNguyen
This wasn't for a promposal but on Valentine's Day back in my freshman year this one guy (my "secret admirer") went into sixth period, which is after lunch, early and put a gift on my desk. It was a box that had a note saying to to open the box and when I opened it some balloons popped out and there were roses inside the box. Idk maybe you can do something like that but make it more like a promposal??
Your brother does look Korean!! lol