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This Card is for my Auntie @ElleHolley She gave me permission to do xD
First, we have Sehun. You can see he looks adorable doing aegyo. "Pay attention to me Elle" is what he's thinking...
Doesn't he look so good all wet Auntie? Doesn't it make you want to tear off his shirt that's soaked wet? ;) He's thinking about you on that second gif...
He Loves teasing you with the Lip Biting..
"You want more Elle?" He won't stop with the lip touching..
BAM BAM! With the hip thrust.. He knows how much you love it...
Here is more Auntie Elle...He really enjoys it...look at all the hip thrusts he's doing for you while biting his lips..
He finds it funny because he knows he gets to you...Smh he needs a punishment Auntie *smirks*
Oh look more hip thrusts, and a close view....BAM! Did you feel that thrust Auntie?
I think he needs help with them pants Auntie...He's looking at them...
Such a rude person right? Look at that face..He knows he accomplished what he wanted to do to you..
Then we have Namjoon...Such a cutie pie right? He winked at you Auntie ;)
Oh Look he also bites his lips..but look at that concentrated..
Oh Noooo, He found out about Sehun *gasps* Look at his sad face :(
He knows he can't dance like Sehun, but he loves to make you laugh and smile..So he pulls this dance for you.
"Its you and I jagi" he says. He is not gonna let Sehun win so what does he do to get your attention again? (Second gif) Body Roll it is Auntie....Look at his face as he does you feel it? I'm sure you do ;)
Ummm those facial expressions and movement Auntie...I think you know where I'm getting at with this one... "Think dirty" *coughs* Bedroom *coughs"
"Happy?" He says.. He feels as if with that, he trapped you. Did he get you Auntie Elle? He Also knows of one Weapon he knows you fall for alot...wanna know what it is...well...
His Dimples Auntie Elle Can't..forget..them..dimples... His smile is a bonus ;)
Are you ok Auntie Elle? Chanyeol saw all this and is very worried for you? Lol ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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@jessicaacosta90 😲😲😱😱😱💀💀 I literally died 13 times and then you have the audacity to toss Chanyeol in at the end?! 😨😨 hip thrusts?😲😲 I have taught you well and I am so proud of you!!! now if you'll excuse me, I need an oxygen tank and a nap thank you. #mynieceisbetterthanyours
@ElleHolley LOL Yaaasss just the reaction I was looking for Auntie xD And yes I had to toss chanyeol in their once I saw the gif pop out Lol I am so happy to hear that your proud of me xD Take all the oxygen you need Auntie x'D #myauntieisbetterthanyours
shouldn't have opened this in public 😂😂😂
@Badtz I shouldn't have opened it all. I scared my kids and my dog 😂😂
@Lexxcisco LOL 😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah they both are my Auntie's biases so I told her if I can make a card and she let me Lol I am not about to do it and let her get me Again Lol
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