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She stands in front of the goal trying to block every kick he does trying to making a goal. Only he seemed to be out of it and not making goals as he usually would."Yah Doojoon what is it?" She said as she blocked the last ball."Nothing Eun Ah just tired that's all." He said to her and sat down on the soccer field.Eun Ah walked over to him and sat down next to him. He did seem tired but there was something else bothering him.Doojoon grabbed her, placed her in between his legs and backed hugged her."Ok there must be something wrong. Tell me please?" Eun Ah begged.He took a deep breath trying to figure out on how to say with what was going on."So I heard back from JYPE about my audition." He finally said.Eun Ah was glad she was facing away from him because if he read her face would feel hurt."Ah that's great when do start your training?" She said forcing herself to act happy for him. She was happy but in the end he was her boyfriend and she want him to leave."I start the day after tomorrow. Even though I'm a trainee I'm still able to go to school when I can so I can graduate."She turned around to face while forcing a smile on her face."I'm so happy for you." She said and kissed him.He kissed her back and hugged her tighter.'Something else must be bothering him as well.' Eun Ah thought. She wanted to ask him but couldn't bring herself to do so."Let get going before it get to dark out." He said and stood up to collect the soccer ball and their bags. She stayed and watched him. 'Something doesn't feel right.' She thought as he helped her up from the ground.He took her hand and walked her home. It was silent that what ever was bugging him was driving Eun Ah crazy.As they continued to walk Eun Ah stopped at the park that separated from where they lived. Whenever they wanted to talk or see each other this was the park that they went that was in between their homes. Doojoon stopped and pulled her over to the playground and leaned against it while holding both of her hands."Eun Ah...." He said while hesitating."What is it?" She smiled at him knowing whatever he was going to say was going to hurt her.'Please don't smile like that. It hurts me that I have to say something that's going to hurt you.' Doojoon thought while giving her a weak smile."Since I'm a trainee now there are rules I have to follow.""And what are theses rules?" She asked. He looked away and said, "I'm not aloud to date.""Ah so you are going to break up with me." She said it like she knew it was going to happen."I know we been together for almost a year, but in order for me to do my best and debut as fast I can I have to do this." He said looking back at her.She let go of his hands and grabbed her bag that was next to his. She didn't say anything, afraid she would say something or break down. She understood and she wasn't angry, well she was.he wasn't going to tell him that."Eun Ah please don't be mad." He said while trying to read here face. He couldn't because her express was blank."I'm not mad and I understand. I better go before mom calls me." She said and walked away.Doojoon watched her walk away feeling pain go through his heart. He didn't mean to do this nor didn't he want to. When he received news that he passed they asked him if he was dating. He said he was happy to announce that he was. Only he didn't expect to be told that if he wanted to continue he would have to end things or put things on hold. He decided to end things knowing she wouldn't wait while he was training afraid she would end things with him when she moved on. "Don't blame me Eun Ah, I'm just trying to save each other hurt later on." He said to himself, but it was loud enough that she heard.~<~>~<~>~~6 years later~"Argh....." Eun Ah groaned as her alarm went off. She didn't get enough sleep from writing and updating her blog."I don't want to go to work." She whined as she sat up and went to the bathroom.She went in did her normal routine by washing her face, putting light makeup, brushed her hair, and then went to her small closest to pick out to wear for the day.Once she was dressed in jeans and a knitted sweater she was ready to go. Though she stood in front of her door thinking about not going to work. She had to since she was the manger at the Cube Café, which was located at Cube Entertainment. She sighed while putting her shoes on, and sluggishly walked out her door.Eun Ah usually walked to work or took the bus. Though her boyfriend of fours years disproves of her walking or taking the bus. So she wasn't surprised to see him waiting by his car."Chin-Hwa." She said as she headed to his car."Ah Eun Ah good morning." He said as he met her half way and gave her a kiss. "Did you sleep well?" He asked opening the car door for her."I slept fine, what about you?" She asked and answered when both were in the car and heading to Cube Café. "Ok I guess had some paper work to get done at the office. Though it sounds like I may have to leave on another business trip again." He said.Chin-Hwa work as a director for a company that builds apartments or resorts, and he would always go on business trips. Some were short and then there were the trips that at times lasted a year. Surprisingly their relationship has lasted for fours years without any problems. There were times were the two would fight over him leaving but in the end everything worked out."How long would this trip be?" She asked."Um six months but it may be less depends on long it will take the building process to take. If I come home early you would be the first to know." He said looking at her with a bright smile.Eun Ah couldn't help but return a smile back.Chin-Hwa grabbed her left hand and held her hand for the rest if the way in comfortable silence.~<~>~<~>~"Hyung, don't forget that we have to be at the office for dance practice. Don't be late." Doojoon was checking his phone since it died and he forgot to charge it. "Yea don't be late hahah yea right.. He said to himself while in his car trying to get to the office. He was late and he cursed himself for not charging his phone. Thankfully there wasn't must traffic to were he made it to were his could get his Americano before heading up to the studio."Omo is that Doojoon from Beast?" Some fans said as Doojoon showed up in front of the café. Doojoon loved to see his fans but there were times where he wanted some peace. Though he never showed that in front of the B2UTYs.He waked in and went to the counter then ordered his coffee.The barista who took his order was having problems the coffee maker and had to call the manager for help."Eun Ah can you help me with this? I having troubles." The manager named Eun Ah walked over to help her. Eun Ah took over while explaining on how it works. "Ji you just press this and then it will work." Eun Ah explained and then the Americano was done."Here you go and sorry for the long wait, Ji is still training." Eun Ah said and handed Doojoon his coffee."No problem and thank you." He said and paid after before leaving. After geting his coffee he made it just in time as the other members started to enter."Is everyone here?" Doojoon asked while putting his stuff with the others."Yea everyone is here." Yoseob replied."Alright let's get started." With that Gikwang pressed play for the music and the other members went into formation to start practice.~<~>~<~>~"Unnie.""Hmm?" Eun Ah turned to see Ji behind her."Has he asked you yet?" Ji asked."Who and who asked about what?" Eun Ah asked confused with Ji's question."Your boyfriend and has he asked you to marry him?""No not yet and if he does I'll let you know." Eun Ah said and then went into her little office that was given to her as the manger for the café. She had to walk away from Ji who kept asking her questions that she wasn't ready to answer. 'Even if he asked me I'm not sure if I would say yes.' She thought. Eun Ah loved Chin-Hwa for the four years they been together. Longer then the time she was with Doojoon. Though there were times when she was Chin-Hwa that she felt like she didn't really love him.While Eun Ah was thinking her phone went off breaking her from her thoughts.It was Chin-Hwa."Hey, shouldn't you be working?" She said as she answered her phone."Yes I should be but I forgot to tell you that I'm taking you out to dinner tonight. I'll have Sam come and get you so you can run home a change." He said."Sam doesn't need to get me just to take me home to change. He can come and get to take me wherever dinner will be at." "True but I want you to look nice and I also want to pick you up from your place to at you to dinner." "Oh well if that's the case I guess Mr. Sam can come and get to just to change. How dressy do you need me to be?" Eun Ah asked. Chin-Hwa usually would take her to fancy restaurants and Eun Ah a times felt she never dressed up enough to be in those restaurants."Um a nice dress would work for where I'm taking you. After dinner my mother would like us to come over to say hi.""Oh ok that's fine, I don't mind. How are they it's been awhile since I last saw them." Eun Ah asked. When she first meet his parents she was nervous on what they would think about her. Though that thought went away when his mother hugged her and was happy to met the woman who change her son. Ever since then his mother would be over at her place from time to time giving her some side dishes that she had made for Eun Ah. Lately both of his parents been busy with his father in and out of the hospital for his heart."Oh there fine dad was released from the hospital last week and doing fine. Oh he also says thank you for the flowers that you dropped off last time.""Well I'll have to tell thank you when I see him tonight. I better let you go so you can get back to work. I to need to get back before lunch rush comes.""Ok I'll see you tonight, love you Eun Ah." "Bye love you too Chin." She hung up and walked out to see Ji on her phone."Ji you can check whatever is on your phone later it's time to work." Eun Ah said to Ji and in turn scarring Ji."Sorry." Ji said and out her phone away.After Ji put her phone away it was rush hour for lunch.~<~>~<~>~"Hyung I'm going to go and get something to drink, do you want anything?" Junhyung asked Doojoon who was laying in the floor tired from dance practice."Yea I'll go with you though." Doojoon said while getting up from the floor.Both boys walked out and headed to the café leaving the other members in the practice room."Eun Ah we are out of milk is there any in the back?" Ji asked."Um yea I'll go get it, can you handle this for a short bit?" Eun Ah asked as she started to head to the back to grab more milk."Yea." Ji yelled as she was running the expresso machine.The boys sat down waiting for the line to die down. Doojoon was watching Eun Ah as she was working. He was trying to figure out if she was the Eun Ah he grew up with."Yah the girl over there how long has she been working here?" Doojoon asked pointing at Eun Ah."Four years I think I don't know maybe more. She is pretty cool once you get to know her. You might like her hyung, because when she was in high school she was in the soccer club. Though she can't play soccer anymore because of a knee injury that happen her last year of high school." Junhyung said answering Doojoon's question."Ah." Was all the Doojoon said and got up from his seat and heading to the counter once the crowd downsized. "Ah oppa what can we get you?"Ji asked and her face lite up when she say the boys standing in front of her."Um I'll take a water for now." Doojoon said while watching Eun Ah clean up the messes that both the girls made while rushing to get the customers what they needed."Unnie a bottle if water please." Ji said and told Doojoon the total. Eun Ah placed the bottle if water on the counter and grabbed a coke for Junhyung knowing that was walk he was going to ask."Um unnie isn't that Chin oppa's driver?" Ji asked.Eun Ah looked up and sighed."What is? Do you have to leave?" Ji asked."No Sam's here to be my driver after work. He is taking me home since Chin-Hwa won't be able to.""Ah."Ji said and then placed her focus on the boys as they paid. Though the boys stayed to chat for awhile."So has he asked you?" Junhyung asked.'Was does everyone have to ask me if Chin asked me.' Eun Ah thought as she finished cleaning."Don't worry if he does I will let everyone know." Eun Ah assured everyone.Doojoon observed Eun Ah without asking her a question. Though he was curious on who this Chin guy was."Well if he does ask will you say yes or tell him no?" Junhyung asked after taking a sip of his coke.Eun Ah closed her eyes while trying to think of an answer that wouldn't cause problems or anymore questions."I don't know I haven't really thought about it yet." Eun Ah said after opening her eyes. When she did that Doojoon and her locked eyes for a second until she looked away."Unnie he won't be like your last boyfriend, because he won't leave you." Ji said."First of all he didn't leave me, and two he just said that we couldn't be together because..." Eun Ah stopped before she said he was going to be an idol and had to follow rules as a trainee."Because of what?" Doojoon finally asked. He been quiet the whole time, but he grew curious when Ji said something if an ex boyfriend of Eun Ah's leaving her.Eun Ah locked eyes with Doojoon again and the regretted it. "Why don't you say Yoon Doojoon? You know why." Eun Ah said.Junhyung and Ji looked at the two like it was a tennis game. Eun Ah walked away and went into her small office. For the years she had been working at the café and running into him almost every time, he finally recognizes her."Wait, do you two know each other?" Junhyung asked after Eun Ah left."Yea,." Doojoon said and followed after her.
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