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"If we ever become famous we better not forget one another." Doojoon said as he walked to the soccer club after school with his friends Joon and Alex."Yeah right if you become famous you'll forget us after the first year." Said Joon."That's true." Alex said. Doojoon shook his head upon hearing that his friends didn't believe him."Did you hear we will be have a girl student in the club." "Yea I heard about that. Why would she be here I the soccer club? Isn't that just for guys to?" Alex asked."I heard she talked to coach about being the water boy and that she could practice." Joon said."That's not what I heard. I heard that she is in the club to see if her boyfriend is cheating in her." Someone said behind them."Really Chang Do, do you believe that some girl like that would come in to spy on her boyfriend?" Doojoon asked."Well it could happen." Chang Do said and went ahead of them."I swear that is all he talks about." Joon shook his head as they made it to the feild and placed their bags on the bleachers."Would you like it if he talked about other things?" Doojoon asked Joon."No I think I would knock him if he did. Hey isn't that her?" Joon pointed to where the water was at.Doojoon looked in the direction and saw her filling up the water bottles and then moving to put air in the soccer balls. "Yea I think it is, hey I bet you that Doojoon can win her with his charm." Alex said to Joon."I don't see her falling for him so call." Joon and Alex shook hands and looked at Doojoon to determine the winner. Doojoon sighed and walked over to see if she needed help."Hey do you need some help with that?" Doojoon asked.She turned around and blushed before looking away. On the other hand Doojoon was surprised to she how pretty she was when she looked at him. It was as if the situation switched with her charm making him fall for her."No but is there anything that you need?" She asked."No but you can give me you name." He said."Well I don't give my name out so freely. If there is nothing you need can you please leave so I can get my work done." She said and walked over to do another task."Kwon Eun Ah, can you come over here for a moment?" The coach called to her."Yes, just a second. Do you really need something?"I just did, I got your name. That was what I needed. Glad to met you I'm Yoon Doojoon." He placed his hand out for her to shake hands with him."If you're putting on you charm that I hear so much about for get it." Eun Ah said and walked over to the coach.Doojoon was shocked that she didn't fall for his charm and saw right through it. His charmed always worked with any girl he talked to. Still shocked he walked back over to his friends were one was cheering and the other handing over money that he just lost."Damn man she must of heard about how you charm the ladies." Joon said."I know I'm just as shocked." Doojoon said.The three got ready for practice and then was called to center field to see what the coach had to say. "This year we have a student manager to help with us that is soccer related. Eun Ah will help you if you need anything. If I hear anyone harassing her I will bench you for the whole year." The coach said and then had the whole group of boys break of into groups for that days practice.~<~>~<~>~"Don't forget that this weekend is our class reunion. The soccer club will be meeting the day before."Eun Ah was on the phone with Joon while in her break."Yes I know Joon-Ah I have it mark down and I have those days off." She told him."I need to remind Doojoon so he remembers." "I could remind him I see him from time to time here in the café." Eun Ah offered so Joon wouldn't have to get out his way to remind Doojoon."That's right you work in the same company as he does, but different jobs." Joon said and sounds of him smacking his head as he remembers in what both Eun Ah and Doojoon do."Yeah, hey I go to go rush hour is going to hit pretty soon. See you on Thursday." She said and then hung up. She signed and thought how was she going to to tell, Doojoon about the class reunion. They haven't talked much since she got engaged three weeks ago. It shouldn't be awkward but it was. "Unnie Someone is here to see you." Ji said to Eun Ah."Who would it be this time?" She said to herself as she walked out of her office to the front.Once she was there she saw a man sitting at one of the bar stools drinking coffee. She knew who it was when she walked over to him with a smile."Well if it isn't Alex, what are you doing here?""Well it's nice to see you too Eun Ah." He said giving her a smile.She sat across from him and smiled back."As for what I'm doing her, I'm here to remind you about this weekend." He said taking a sip from his coffee."I know Joon just called me." She told him."Damn him, I wanted to be the one to remind you. I bet you he already called Doojoon to remind him as well.""Nope I told him I would tell him."When she said that Alex almost spit his coffee out and on to her."You're joking right? Because the last time you talked to him was-""Three weeks ago when he realized that I work here." She interrupted him.He looked at in disbelief and realized she was telling the truth when Doojoon walked in to get his third coffee that day. After getting his coffee he noticed Eun Ah talking to someone and then it hit him that it was Alex."Hey what brings you here Alex?" He asked."Well I stopped by to see how Eun Ah was and to also remind you that we have a class reunion this weekend and the soccer club is meeting on Friday, but on Thursday Chang Do, Joon, Eun Ah, and me are meeting. I hope you are able to make it.""Well sorry to break it to you I already know and have it marked down. Don't worry I'll be there."nDoojoon said."Oh come one first Joon telling Eun Ah and now you already know. What is the point of being a friend?" Alex whined as he drank his coffee."You're a good friend to come over to remind us. Well I better go before rush hour starts in two minutes." Eun Ah said as she got up and left."So I noticed that ring, is there something you want to tell me?" Alex asked as she walked away.Doojoon gripped his cup a little tighter when Alex asked about that damn ring. "I'll tell you about it later, right now I have to go back before the others come and find me. Plus they hate when it's rush hour." Doojoon said and walked away back to the recording studio."I have a feeling that secrets will be coming out in Thursday." Alex said to himself as he walked out of the café.~<~>~<~>~"Hey I hear you are going home to see your family and old classmates." Chin said to Eun Ah over the phone."Yeah that's the plan, I'm heading home a day before the others so I can see my mom. I was going to tell about the engagement." She said while flipping the channels on the TV. She ended up stopping on a music program and to no surprise Beast was performing."About the engagement I was thinking that maybe we could plan things when I got home. However you can look for a place for the both of us to move in together. If you find a place you can move in and when I get back I'll move my things when I get back.""Ok, that's fine, how are things over there?" She asked trying to keep her focus on Chin talking and not on Doojoon."Well it's been three weeks and nothing has gotten done and hopefully tomorrow we will be starlings. The weather hasn't been in our favor either. I don't think I will be home early like I planned but I hope it doesn't last longer then six months.""I see. I better head to bed since I have a long drive tomorrow." She said turning the TV off."Ok be safe and I love you Eun Ah.""I will I love you too." She hung up and groaned hating herself for being distracted by Doojoon while talking to her fiancé. As if he could read her mind he sent her a message.[what day are you leaving? If you are leaving tomorrow can I ride with you?] he said in his text.[i'm leaving tomorrow and no.] she replied back.[come one why not? Don't act like you hate me like you did the first time we met.]Even though she didn't hate him some part of her did. Her mind fleshed back as she remembered when he came up to her to see who would win a bet with him winning her over with his charm. He did win her over but she would never let him know that. So she acted like the charm didn't work. Before she could think before she acted she replied back saying he could ride with her. He replied back saying he would come over to her place in the morning to were she didn't have to drive to pick him up.She groaned again and was half tempted to throw her phone against the wall. Though she didn't and thought she could leave now and say she forgot that he was coming over in the morning. It was a great idea but she was to tired to act upon what she thought. Ah got up from the couch and went to bed hoping that she was able to get some sleep. She would need it for the long ride home.~<~>~<~>~Doojoon was surprised that she said yes because he was expecting another no. When he read that she said yes he couldn't help but smile."Hyung how long are you going to be gone?" Gikwang asked pulling Doojoon away from looking at screen of his phone."I'll be gone for five days." Doojoon replied answering his question."I heard you're meeting your soccer club too." Yoseob said as he stood to stretch.Beast was still at Cube finishing up the last recordings for their next album they were playing to have out as soon as they could for the B2utys."Yeah we haven't seen each other since graduation. Though top five players are meeting a day before to finish planning for the reunion on Friday." Everyone stood except Junhyung, who was putting the final touches before following them out."That's right wasn't Eun Ah the only female in the club and yet mange to be one of the top five players." Hyunseung said out if the blue. Doojoon didn't say anything but hide the smile as best as he could. He remembered her being announced being in the top five for her hard work. Most if the guys in the club didn't like it because it was unfair for the only girl to get special treatment. Though they didn't see how hard she worked to placed in the top five. Being in the top top five meant they were the best and the MVPs of the club for showing their heard work. Everyone worked hard but there were some who seem to give up. Hint on why Joon, Doojoon, Alex, Chang Do, and Eun Ah were on the list of the top five."That's right I remember Eun Ah saying something like that and on how some of the guys tried to take it away from her when she injured her knee." Yoseob said to Gikwang. The two talked all the way to the parking garage and Doojoon in way was hurt to know that his members knew about what happened to her and he didn't know. He was however grateful because he was going to ask her on what happened to her, because he wanted to know."Hyung be safe and have fun. Maybe we can stop by on Friday and play soccer with everyone." Gikwang said as got into his car along with Hyunseung and Dongwoon."I will and if you do come let me know the day before." Doojoon said as he closed his door to his car. He waited for the others to leave so he could follow them out. As the leader he had to make sure everyone arrived home safely. Sometimes they would send a message letting everyone know that they made it home. It help them sleep at night knowing they made it home. Once he made it home and sent a text to see if anyone else made it home he started packing for the five days he was going to be gone. While he was packing he came a crossed something in his sock drawer. It was a case which held a necklace with their initials engraved on the charm when he opened it. He knew right away in what it was when he opened it. It was a gift for Eun Ah which he was going to give her on graduation. In away it was a gift to ask her if she forgave him and a 'get back together' gift. However on graduation day she was no where to be found. He learned that she graduated her junior year and left. It hurt him to know that she was gone. When he wasn't busy with filming dramas or promoting with the group he looked for her. He gave up a month before he found out she was working the Cube Café. He felt stupid but happy at the same time that he found her. Though that changed when he found out she moved on. He sighed and got up from his bed to finish packing. Without thinking he placed the necklace in his bag which moved to the bottom as he packed. Once he was done and saw it was 1:30 in the morning. He turned off the lights and went to bed after setting his alarm for 5:30.~<~>~<~>~The door bell to Eun Ah's apartment went off and Eun Ah groaned as she rolled out of bed not caring in what she looked like. She opened the door and closed it upon seeing Doojoon at the door. She was fully awake and was not ready to face him. However she opened the door again and let him in. She told him to sit and wait for her to get ready and that once she was ready they would be on the road before 6:45.He didn't say anything to her and did want she told him.While he waited he got up and looked around the living room seeing pictures of her and the guys in high school on the soccer field. Other pictures followed with her and Chin in random poses. He smiled wishing that it was him and not the other guy. But what could he do? He left her and broke her heart."What are you doing? Never mind I don't care lets go before traffic starts." Eun Ah said as she grabbed her stuff and walked out of the door to her car.Doojoon didn't realize that he was holding one of the pictures when she walked out. He put it down and followed her out along with his stuff.She walked back in turning off the lights and making sure she had everything. Doojoon stood by the car waiting for her to return. He saw her walk back after locking her apartment up. She walked by him and to the driver side and unlocked the car for him to get in after he placed his stuff behind the passenger seat. Once they were both in Eun Ah put the car into drive and was not ready for this long drive.