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"I can't believe she didn't fall for your charm." Alex said kicking the soccer ball to Joon who then kicked to Doojoon."Oh would you stop whining that you lost the bet. A least one girl we know in school doesn't fall for Doojoon's charm. Right Doojoon?" Joon looked over at Doojoon who was watching Eun Ah practicing by herself against the wall of the storage unit for the outdoor stuff."Maybe we can ask her if she was to to join." Doojoon said and then walked over to her."Do you think we can do the bet again?" Alex said running to where Joon was at."No, but I don't see this going well."Doojoon who wasn't paying attention to what they were saying as he walked over to her."Hey do you want to practice with us?" He asked without thinking.Eun Ah turned to face him and looked at him to see if he other motives on inviting her over to practice with him and his friends."I'm fine by myself, I think you should go before you friends think I'm taking your time away from them." She said and went back to kicking the ball against the wall."Them? I don't think they would care. They may come over and want to practice with you to."She didn't say anything and continued to kick the ball. Doojoon stepped in front of the ball to stop it for her to listen to him."I don't know why you don't like anyone, but I'm trying to be nice since you are the only girl in this club." He said to her.She stared at him before taking the ball from the ground and walked away.He watched her and at that moment his heart skipped a beat. "Dude I think it's best if you leave her alone." Joon said walking up to him with Alex in tow."I don't know I have this feeling that she will warm up to us." Doojoon said and then ran over to the coach."I think he fell for her and hasn't realized it yet." Chang Do said grabbing another ball."How would you know Chang Do?" Alex asked."I've seen it before to a couple of guys who tried talking to her. They said that the way she acts makes it seem like she is a normal girl that doesn't go crazy about love and confessions. Trust me I think he has fallin' for her." Chang Do said walking away without saying that he was one of the guys who has tried getting close with her and wanting to get to know who she really is. He was jealous that Doojoon was getting close to her when he didn't have a chance to do so."Kwan Eun Ah I want you to practice with Doojoon, Alex, and Joon for the rest of this month." Coach said as Doojoon walked over to her and took the ball from her hands and walked away."Yup I think Chang Do was right he has fallin for her." Joon said."Yeah hook, line and sinker." Alex said in agreement.~<~>~<~>~Eun Ah hummed to Taeyang's 1AM that was playing on the radio thinking that Doojoon was asleep. However he was awake acting like he was sleeping. As she was humming she started to sing, but was only interrupted when a call came through."You know it's rude to to call when someone is singing." She said."Well forgive me I was calling to see how far out you are." Joon said."We are about an hour and a half. Should be there soon.""You said we, who is with you? It's not that one girl who works with you." Joon asked well more like interrogating her over the phone."No she has to stay and help the assistant manager."she said as she turned left on one if the many roads she has to take to her home town. "Then who is it?" Joon asked."You'll find out when we get there.""If it's a girl that is not pretty I will...""You'll what? Scare her with how bad you are at flirting.""Now that is mean." Joon whined over the phone."Well I never said I was nice.""True, you sure have changed after Doojoon left and then you went back to somewhat the normal you after meeting Chen. Wait it's not Chen that you are bring is it?" "No he is gone for another business trip.""Oh well I better go I'll see you when you get here." Joon said and hung up.The music came back on and this time is was Beast's Dream Girl playing. Eun Ah could help, but sing along. Doojoon opened his eyes and watched her sing along. It was one of his favorite songs that he would sing thinking of her. To see her singing it made his heart beat.Eun Ah turned to see if he was still asleep, but when she looked he was awake, so she stopped singing."Why did you stop?. He asked straightening up in his seat. "Why didn't you say anything if you were awake?" She asked dodging his question."Because I wanted to hear you sing. Now it's your turn to answer my question, why did you stoping singing?" He asked again."Because I don't want you to hear me sing." She said.He was ready to ask her another question, but stopped when the phone went off again."Joon what is it this time?""Are you going to talk to your mother?" Joon asked. He remembered that he was going to ask her about that, but he forgot."I don't know, I know that I'm not staying with her." She said and realized she would be questioned by Doojoon later when Joon hung up."Do you know where you are staying at?" Joon asked."In one of the inns in town. I let you know which one it is later I have to go." She hung up on Joon and was sensing someone was ready to question her."Before you ask about why I'm not staying with my mother is because I'm not ready to tell her I'm in engaged and I don't want to hear how happy she is that I'm with a rich man and how she wishes that happened to her." Though on what she said wasn't the truth.Doojoon didn't say anything knowing if he did ask her she wouldn't talk or let alone tell him. So he turned to face the window and look outside. Eun Ah looked from the corner to see him look depressed. She sighed not even wanting to deal with him at all.~<~>~<~>~After the long drive they finally made it. The rest of the drive was quiet and Doojoon figured she wouldn't talk and actually went to sleep. "Where here." She said to Doojoon as parked to the car.Doojoon woke up to see that they were in front of Doojoon's parents house. Eun Ah figured he would be staying here until it was time to leave. "I don't think they are home." Doojoon said."They are I called them telling them that I would be dropping you off before I went to check in at the inn.""Why don't you stay here and not waste money staying at an inn." He offered while sitting up in his seat."I don't want your parents to get the wrong idea." She holding her left hand up."You can take it off leave it in the car where it will be safe." Before she could reply Doojoon's mother came out of the house. Doojoon got out and greeted his mother."Oh it's so hard to believe my son is back for a visit. He also brought Eun Ah with him." His mother said and hugged him before going over to hug Eun Ah."Eun Ah agreed to stay here with us until Sunday." Doojoon said with a smirk on his face. He knew she couldn't say no to his mother."That's great and it'll be better than staying at some inn. However you two will have to share Doojoon's room. His sisters room is full with junk." Doojoon's mother grabbed Eun Ah's hand a dragged her into the house leaving Doojoon to get the bags. Upon entering the house Doojoon's father was sitting reading the paper while watching the tv. Eun Ah saw that he didn't change from the last time she saw him."Mr. Yoon you still look the same." She said sitting on the couch next to his chair."I have to stay young for the line of work I do and for you to come to see me." He winked at her while placing the paper down in his lap. Mrs. Yoon walked in and lightly tapped him on the back of his head. "I was only joking dear. You know I have to look young just for you."Doojoon walked in and felt the need to walk out seeing his parents be all lovely. He remembered at one point and time he thought about how he would be like his parents with his wife in the future. The person he thought that would be his future wife was Eun Ah. Though things changed when he changed his dream and leaving her. "Doojoon dear place those in your room and when you come back out lunch will be ready. Eun Ah could you help me with finishing lunch." His mother said and walked into the kitchen.Eun Ah got up and followed, leaving Doojoon with his father."How are you son." His father asked back to reading the news."I'm great dad, I'll be releasing another album this year." "That's good to hear. I hope that this one with be a success like the others. You better go and take the luggage to your room before you mother says something." Doojoon nodded and took his and Eun Ah's things to his room. He placed her things on the bed and placed his against the wall. He knew she would have to find a sleeping bag for him to sleep on so Eun Ah could have the bed. He figured that he would look for it later and it was a good thing that he tough of doing that later when he heard his mother called him for lunch.~<~>~<~>~After lunch Doojoon and Eun Ah headed out to met up with the gang at the field. While they were eating Alex was texting and calling them. Doojoon's mother told them to go as she cleaned up the table. Eun Ah was helping when Mrs. Yoon told her to visit her mother. Doojoon heard that and was confused on why his mother told a Eun Ah to visit her own mother. He though about asking her on their way to the field, though he was having troubles saying it right."About time you two show!" Alex said and ran over to Eun Ah and hugged her. He looked at Doojoon and dragged Eun Ah away. Doojoon stood there dumbfounded on what happened.Chang Do and Joon were both holding their stomachs laughing at Doojoon looking shocked. "Man you are still the same acting all dumb and then glaring at us for no reason." Joon said and held his hand out to the other two."Come on you always win." Alex whined as Chang Do placed money in Joon's hand."Not all the time." Eun Ah said."True you would win the bets and take something other then money. I think that's why we all stopped placing bets around you." Chang Do said walking over to her.She shook her head and then saw a soccer ball in Joon's hands."Yes Eun Ah was are all going to play expect one person." Eun Ah raised her hand to volunteer to be the one to sit out."Congrats Alex you will be sitting out this round. However you can be a referee for this game." Joon said. He knew Eun Ah wanted to sit out though as Joon was once captain he felt that she need to play."Ass." Eun Ah said."Yup and I'll be a bigger ass when I say that you are paired up with Doojoon." Joon had a big grin as he tossed the ball to Doojoon.Eun Ah said noting and walked over the goal to her left. Chang Do joined her leaving Doojoon with Alex and Joon."Hey can I ask you guys something?" Doojoon asked."Ask away all mighty one." Alex said tying his shoe."When we left my house my mom told her to visit her mom. Did something happen between her mother and her?""Well were to start, well when you left things went down hill for her. Her father got sick, she injured her knee to the point of having surgery, and then her father died. Her mother however remarried and her new husband want a fan her mother having another child from another marriage. Her mother kicked her out and the only place she could go was your place." Joon said as he stretched his legs."When ever you came home to visit she would either stay at one of our houses. Then when we graduated she left after receiving her diploma." Alex said."I remember that because I wanted to speak to her afterwords, but I wasn't able to find her." Doojoon said as the three of them started walking over to where Chang Do and Eun Ah were at."Yup and the rest is history." Alex said and then ran ahead."After two years she came home and introduced Chen Hwa. He is a good guy though I can tell somewhat that she wished she was with you. The day she brought him home I talked to her and she seemed happy, but every time someone would mention your name or someone would say that you would be home the next day, she turned to see if you were there. You are still in her heart though she has you locked up tight to where the feelings she has for you don't come out." Joon had wanted to say this to Doojoon for away now, and that he said it he felt like he gave Doojoon a push."Ok Eun Ah has agreed to be the goalie and Doojoon you well are doing most of the work." Chang Do said as Joon and Doojoon finally made to were the rest of the group was at."That's fine Eun Ah is a great goalie and I'll be fine. Let's get started shall we." Alex stepped a side and blew the whistle. The other four went into formation and played.~<~>~<~>~Eun Ah laid down and had no energy left to move or to even play anymore."Come on Eun Ah we have about five minutes left!" Alex yelled on the side line. She knew that and was also ready to kill Joon because he said that Alex could switch with her however that didn't happen. Doojoon ran over to her and stood over her. "Can you play anymore?" He asked.She shook her head no and closed her eyes. She was trying to catch her breath and not think about her knee. Doojoon bent down and wiped the sweat off of her forehead. She blushed and moved his hand away while sitting up."I think that's game." Alex said. The score was 3:2 with Doojoon and Eun Ah's team winning."Fine I'm to tired anyway." Chang Do walked over and sat next to Eun Ah, who placed her head on his shoulder."Good game, didn't think you two had in you." Joon collapsed next to Eun Ah."Well when you say the loser will buy dinner I didn't feel like losing and buying you dinner." Eun Ah said looking at the boys."Ok so our dear princess what would like me to buy for dinner?" Chang Do asked."Chicken and beer." Everyone agreed with her choice and Chang Do ordered the chicken and beer. They sat in the same spot as they ate and catch up with whatever was new with them. "So when it the new album coming out?" Alex asked."Next month hopefully. We just finished the recording and on Monday we start learning the choreography for the title song." Doojoon said taking a sip of his third beer. Eun Ah was in her own world as they talked and was drinking away. "Wow Eun Ah was the drive down here that stressful?" Joon asked.Doojoon stopped midway of taking a drink. From the looks of it Eun Ah was drunk and he knew back then she was a light weight and spoke her mind. So when Joon asked her about the drive he was not looking forward to what she was going to say.She nodded yes to the question and laid back closing her eyes."Guys I think she is out. Like passed out." "Joon shush I'm fine and still here." She said slurring her words."I'm going to take her home." Doojoon said walking over to her.Eun Ah stayed where she was with her eyes open this time. She glared at Doojoon as he stood over her."I hate you. You broke my heart and now that I'm happy you show up." She said pointing at him. He knew she was drunk and didn't mean it. Though he seen enough times with Junhyung when he was drunk saying thinks he wasn't suppose to say.Alex helped him get her on his back and he left after saying good bye. The whole walk back was quiet with a few mumbles from Eun Ah cursing him or saying her heart still beats the same when she sees him. Doojoon wasn't going to take it to heart with the things she said. He knew she wouldn't remember the next day besides having a hangover when she woke up.Thankfully when they arrived back at his place, his parents were asleep. When he reached his room he placed her on the bed taking off her shoes and socks. He covered her up and started to roll out the sleeping bag when she grabbed him by the arm. He was on top over her and as a man he wanted to take advantage of the situation by kissing her. Though he was a gentleman and moved off of her to her left side. He figured there was point of moving away from he, plus she had a death grip on his arm. He closed his eyes and let sleep take over. ~<~>~<~>~Eun Ah stirred next to him that morning. The sun shined through the window and when she opened her eyes she felt like she was run over by a truck, her head hurt and her knee was killing her. To make matters worse there was a body curled up against her with their arms pulling her against their chest. She turned her head to see that the person who was holding her was Doojoon. She silently cursed at herself and tried to move his arms while getting out of the bed."Morning to you to. If you wanted leave the bed you could've woke me up." Doojoon said moving away from her."I didn't want to wake you." She said sitting on the edge of the bed. Her head was pounding at every move she did. She knew she drank last night and as always kept telling herself she wouldn't drink this much if she felt like shit. "I was already awake. Do you need me to get some aspirin and water?" He asked getting off the bed."No I'm fine, this should pass here soon." She said standing up only to lose footing. Thankfully Doojoon caught her before she could face plant on the floor. "Sit here and I'll get the aspirin." He place her back on the bed and walked out asking his mother for water and aspirin. While she was waiting she grabbed her phone and noticed she had a few miss calls from Chen. She called him back."Eun Ah are you ok? When I called you last night someone else answered saying you were asleep. Who was the guy on the phone?" Chen said and asked when he answered the phone."I'm fine, I had a little to much to drink with an old group of friends and I'm sure it was one of them telling you that I was asleep." She told him."At least you are fine and having fun." "Yes I am though I have to go the gang wants to have breakfast before meeting the couch. I'll try and call you tonight." She said. Doojoon walked in saw that she was on the phone."Ok have fun. I love you." Chen said."I love you too." She said looking right at Doojoon.