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"Doojoon are you going home this weekend?" Dongwoon asked. It was one many rare times they had off. When they had those times to sit back and relax they all took the chance and went home to see family. "Yeah this weekend my sister will be home and I figure I could stop by and say hi. My mother would love to have shes children there for once." Doojoon told Dongwoon. Dongwoon nodded and left with his stuff as he was heading to see his family as well.When Doojoon had everything ready he walked out to see that everyone was gone. He checked to make sure that lights were off and everything was locked up, he walked out headed for his car to drive home. After the long drive he made it to his home town and drove slowly to see if anything had change from the last time he was there, which was a two years ago. He drove by her house and stopped as he thought of saying hi and see how she was doing. However he sat in his car and debated whether or not to walk up to her door. He decided not to and turn the car and drove the block to his parents house. He had no idea that she would be watching from her window as she was packing to leave to where she would never return to see her mother. Even if she was worried about her younger sister.Eun Ah grabbed her things and walked out the door. With her sister crying behind her and her mother stared in a daze as she watch her daughter leave. What could she do when her husband was the one who made the decision. Eun Ah didn't know where she was going to stay. The only family that she knew could stay with was Doojoon's family. So she head there knowing they would welcome with her in open arms. She stopped when she was half way there she saw Doojoon walk up to the door with his mother happy to see him. Eun Ah backed up and turned around heading to the soccer field. When she arrived she sat down at one of the goals and looked at her phone. She was looking to see who she could stay with until Doojoon left. She knew that he wouldn't be there for a while with his busy schedule."Hey want to play?"Eun Ah turned around to see who it was and saw Alex."No I'm not in the mood to." She told him and looked away."Well then why are you here then?" Alex asked as he sat down next to her."I left." She told him as she tighten her jacket around her as the wind picked up. Alex looks at and knew what she was saying. He noticed after Doojoon left she was down and depressed. To make matters worse her father passed away and her mother remarried to a man that wanted nothing to do with another mans child. "Well you could stay with me for the time being. We only have a few more weeks until we graduate and then we'll be moving out and to college.""I could stay with you for a few days. Plus I'm graduating a week before you guys do." She told him.Alex gave her a weird look because he was confused on why she was graduating early."I received an early acceptance to Seoul University. I have to be there at the end of the week to move into the dorms and take classes over the summer. They also want me there to help the the men's soccer team." She told him and was happy about doing something for herself."I see and they know about your knee right?" He asked standing up and helping Eun Ah up."Yeah they know and it's fine. I can still play if I want but there are days that I can't. They know that to and they aren't planning on making me play." She bent down to grab he bag and walked with Alex to his place. Alex lived alone since he was 14. His parents left him one day without saying why. So he took charge by moving out finding a small place to live and got a job. He had it hard, but he made it work with school, soccer, and working.While the two talked on the way to Alex's place, Doojoon decided to go for a walk to see if there was anything that changed over time. Doojoon walked by the field to see Alex walking with a girl. He smile and thought about harassing Alex about his girlfriend. However when he started walked over when he saw the girl turn to look at Alex he stopped. His chest started to hurt when he saw Eun Ah with Alex. Doojoon wasn't sure what to think when he saw the two. All he knew that it had been a year and his feelings haven't changed. Every day he was performing and training he was always thinking about her and how much he missed her.Doojoon turned around and walked away. As he walked back to his house he thought that he would make sure that he would make it big to see if that would draw he back to him. ~<~>~<~>~Doojoon handed Eun Ah the aspirin and walked back out of the room. Hearing her say 'I love you' to someone that was not him tugged at his heartstrings. Eun Ah watched him leave and felt the need to go after him. She felt that she needed to explain herself to him. Though she didn't because she wasn't his. If she needed to explain herself to someone it was to Chen. However as far as Chen knew she was at a hotel and she was getting ready to met with her soccer team from high school.Eun Ah sighed and walked out of the room to see if she can some how explain to Doojoon that as far as she knew and that he knows is that they broke up for five or six now. Though she couldn't help that her feelings for Doojoon were still in her heart. She walked around the house and then went outside to find him. When she walked outside she knew where he would be. The tree house that the two would hang out back then. Sure enough he was there looking all down and depressed. She climbed up and Doojoon, acting like he was five, turned around so he wouldn't have to face her."What are five?" She asked and sat a crossed from him. He shrugged his shoulders and continued have his back facing her."Look I don't what your problem is, but you have no say or the right to get upset about me saying 'I love you' to the man that I am going to marry. We only have two more days and then we are leaving to go back to Seoul, and when we get back we can start to were we ignore each other." She told him and got back up to head back down from the tree house. Doojoon turned around and grabbed her arm and she fall on to her back with Doojoon on top of her. Eun Ah was wide eyed and Doojoon looked at her with no expression. They stay like that without a word. Eun Ah felt the need to push him off but never acted upon that thought. Doojoon was trying to read her face to see if some part of was still in her. Though he could only see the she was blushing and her eyes wondering around trying to find away to avoid his gaze and push him off. He closed his eyes and moved off of her. Eun Ah sighed and closed her eyes in relief that nothing happened. She stayed like that and Doojoon got up and left the tree house. After a few minutes Eun Ah followed hide that her heart was racing."We should go and met up with the team." Doojoon said and walked away. Eun Ah followed and they both walked to the field without saying a word.~<~>~<~>~The rest of the day two ignored each other and the team could feel the tension between the two. Their wasn't the first time that the team knew that they had a fight. When the two dated they fought once in awhile and would ignore each other during practice. However by the end of the day the two where happy as if they never fought. Though it was different because they didn't fight, well if you count that Eun Ah yelled at him and he grabbed her to where it would look like they were about to kiss. The team was curious on what they fought about this time but stayed back and did the activities that the captain had planned.What made the tension worse was the captain had them as a team for all the activities. Just like they did when they arrived they didn't talk during the activities only when they had to. When there was no activities left to do they all went to the bar to met up with the coach. Eun Ah sat at the end of the table away from Doojoon drinking nothing, but water. She was not in the mood to repeat last night even though she has no idea on what truly happen. All she knew she was not wanting to have a hangover the next day. Doojoon in the other hand was drinking left and right. It wasn't normal for him to drink that much since he wasn't a big drinker. He was upset and he didn't know why he was. Maybe it was because what Eun Ah said this morning was right. He didn't have the right to be upset with her feelings being with someone else. Though he was pissed because he was jealous that she was with someone else and not him. He even blamed himself for what he did in the past. "Hey Eun Ah I think it's time for Doojoon to go." Joon said when he was walking back from the bar with more beer."Alright I'll take him home." She said and stood up from her chair."I help you carry him." Alex said quickly getting up from his car and walking over to Doojoon.Eun Ah said nothing and walked over to Doojoon and grabbed his jacket while Alex was helping Doojoon stand up. Doojoon walked while tripping over his feet. Alex brought his car but wasn't able to drive since he was drinking. So Eun Ah was the d I've for the night."I never seen him this drunk." Alex said after helping Doojoon get in the car. Eun Ah took the keys and went to the driver side."Well I believe this is the first time though." She said and drove out of the packing lot to Doojoon's house."Did you guys fight?" Alex asked."No we just didn't agree on something." Eun Ah said as she turned do the street leading to Doojoon's house."Eun Ah I believe that's what they call a fight." Alex said. Eun Ah said nothing and continued to drive back to the house. When they arrived Alex and Eun Ah got out to get Doojoon, who was passed out, out of the car and into the house. Once in the house they placed him on the bed and Doojoon groaned, but curled up with the pillow and stayed passed out. Alex and Eun Ah walked out of the room and sat in the living room. "You know this reminds me of the time when you stayed with me for a few days." Alex said turning on the TV. Eun Ah went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. She was in away home and wasn't going anywhere for the rest of the night."Well those were fun times." She said sitting down next to him."True I also remember Doojoon showing a few times wanting to hang out." Eun Ah nodded while taking a drink of her beer. The two said nothing else and watched TV.~<~>~<~>~Doojoon woke up with his head pounding and the rays of sunlight didn't help. He got slowly to get some aspirin to help with the pounding. When he walked out he saw Eun Ah on the couch asleep. He even saw Alex next her however he was on the floor asleep. Doojoon forgot about the pounding in his head and that he was getting aspirin. He walked over to Eun Ah by forcing her awake and taking her outside."Good god Doojoon what the hell is your problem?" She asked sitting down on the ground trying to wake up."Why is Alex here?" He asked."He helped me drag your ass back home and he was also drinking. So I let him crash on the couch so he wasn't driving while intoxicated. Plus your parents wrote a note saying the went to visit your sister for the weekend." She and then yawned."I think it it funny that you were yelling at me that I had no right to tell you what to or get upset about who you are with. Yet you have Alex sleep next to you and that's ok." Doojoon was pissed and Eun Ah never seemed him this pissed before. Sure he got some what upset back then when he missed the goal a time or two, but to be extremely pissed about something like this."You know that Alex and I are just friends and nothing else. So I don't know what your problem is or why you are jealous." She said and stood up to stretch."Really Eun Ah you have no clue do you?" He shouted. Eun Ah stopped and looked at him in a confused look. Then it hit her."That's right Eun Ah I'm jealous because I still love you." He told in a calm voice so he didn't shout it out.Eun Ah didn't know how to respond to what he said. As she was getting ready to say something a middle aged woman walked down the side walk to stop and she what was going on. Eun Ah knew who it was and was ready to run back in the house because she had nothing else to say to that woman."Eun Ah dear is that you?" The middle aged woman asked.Eun Ah closed her eyes and said, "Mom."