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Alright. I'll tell ya that my hobbies are not very grand for the most part, but I'll list them anyways
Is fangirling a hobby? Because that's what I do the majority of the time. If it isn't then we'll make it one.
Listening to music. I've loved listening to music (and singing as well) for just about as long as I can remember.
Attempting to write and/or draw. I used to be a much more prolific writer back in middle and high school...but a lot of my motivation for writing, even though I get a lot of great ideas, was kinda zapped though from college. But I am hoping to get back into doing more creative things.
Messing around on here or on Tumblr or talking to online friends!
Reading. Be it fanfiction or books.
Playing video games.
Watching movies and tv shows!
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These are great hobbies! Fangirling definitely counts it takes up quite a bit of my time
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