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Though I adore Sebastian and Ciel a TON, I am a bit weary about actually pairing them for my own interest. Ciel is a bit too young for me to find any sort of attraction. (It's basically Shotacon) *sigh* So that sort of ruins that ship for me a bit. However if I imagine Ciel grown up and looking like his Hot Papa, then I'm all aboard. :D
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@Danse yeah i see what your saying if he just would grow up it would make things so much better
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@SimoneSanders Can't be helped that a lot of the shipping couples are young, but when it comes to that young... well, haha. xD Yikes. (And seriously though, wasn't Ciel's Dad hot?! Wow)
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lol hell yeah he was @Danse i woukd be all over that lol
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