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So it's still February 29th over here in Cali and I just want to make a final surprise statement.
There's an age old tradition, particularly in Ireland, where women propose to their men. This came about because women were impatient for their man to ask, so they were allowed a day to doing the asking.
So without further delay and to keep my nerves from holding me back any further... I ask Steve Rogers/Captain America to be
'Surprised, aren't you. I knew you would be.' (Jack Skellington) We both want to represent the best of America; Captain as a hero and me as a pro runner. Although, I'd gladly take up a shield to fight alongside the Captain any day of the week. Because as the song Not Alone by Aram points out, that as alone as you may seem, I will be there to share in your pain and give you the company you thought you no longer had. No matter how you change I won't change loyalties.
Crazy end to the Leap Year, right? Alright, good night and Happy Leap Year!! Heehee, silly Buttons!
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I hope he said yes!!!!!!!