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So I apologize in advance since this isn't really something confirmed and I'm just speculating here. I'm so sorry if I bring up anything that is not true. That said, I'm getting very concerned for my precious Bean. I have been watching Moorim School and following his events, however more and more he seems to be getting worn out.
Compared to his image when he first started these events, Hongbin seems to be getting skinnier and skinnier as time passes. During this last episode, it seemed to me that he was having trouble even keeping eyes open. People that had never seen him before, were making comments on how they wished he would eat something.
I understand he is acting [and doing a fantastic job at that] and that I most likely am over-reading things, however I can't seem to help myself. Watching through the things they have released recently, and comparing it to previously it just seems that Hongbin is getting extremely worn out. He has helped me through so much and I don't want him to be tired. Please get enough rest and be alright Beannie!!
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Hopefully VIXX doesn't have a comeback too soon because I want them all to rest! As much as I want another one I'd rather them all be healthy! Poor Binnie, I hope he gets some sleep and good food in him soon!