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So I Thought... Since it's Wonho's Birthday why not make him a gif party! ^^
Yes, Wonho you heard that right! Wonho Day ^^
This one goes out to all the Wonho fans ;D
I know I'm surprised too of how many Wonho fans you have and came to your party!! :O
Guys he's hired for our Wonho party! He even looks exactly like Wonho LOL
Eh Eh Party It Up!!
and then the birthday boy suddenly approaches you & asks you to dance... Will your answer be yes? ;D
How about now? Will you say yes? Lol
Wonho tries to make you laugh and acts like a dork while singing you the song that is playing Lol
After dancing for a while you go sit down. You guys decide to eat and he makes this face. Which makes both of you laugh. Wonho makes you laugh throughout the whole party.
Wonho's Birthday party has now come to an end! Sorry guys time to say good bye.
@AnnahiZaragoza he's become my bias wrecker and I seriously didn't know how to deal with this. 馃槅馃槅馃槀
@xxchicharitoxx Thank you 馃槉
this is the best. 馃槃馃槃
He's so Beautiful and precious This is why he's my babe.
馃槹 he's so gorgeous and just makes me feel some type of way...porque wonho. 馃槏馃槼
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