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Okay guys, guys...guys this is a serious question seriously okay who do you like....
also, also who would you choose just imagine having all these guys right here asking you to go on a date with them an on the same day like wtf wait lol let me think lol
BTW I choice Rapmon and N because idk N seem legit and V scare me for some reason lol like N would protect me but V would just scare me more lol
My favorite dimples are 2PM's Taecyeon and Monsta X's Jooheon
Lay and V!!
Uh duh unicorn! and then uh this is hard I'm going to have to go with.. I can't choose...ok fine... N
okay then I shall go pick namjoon and hang out with V but at the arcade >> I don't have a swimsuit and don't like the beach that well
I'd choose Chanwoo from iKON for the dimple but if I had to choose from the listed four, Gah. It's either Namjoon or Hongbin. Perhaps Hongbin. And the other one is V. I'd like to see him being hyper at the beach. Hahaha
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