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hey everyone it's the last day...... I wish I could have posted more but I've been going through a lot and didn't have the time. but because it's the last day I want to at least say I participated in all the days so I'm doing all the ones I missed
#2 a fight I would like to see would be spiderman vs a carnage hulk... I would like to see how Peter would pull this off and who would he bring to help him
#5 I really see Ironman kicking the bucket., due to his arrogance
#6 the other tv shows I watch are regular show, I zombie, and assination classroom hey your never too old to watch cartoons or anime
#8 who can beat superman... Franklin Richards can.. his powers were so strong it called galatus to earth before he was born! not only that he can manipulate reality and create other universe's.... long story short he's god and it takes a god to beat a god
#10 a charater that deserves a solo movie.... I would like to see power man get one. I can see it being an action/comedy
#11 final dead pool predictions... he gets a pt2
#13 what other movies I like... alot but here are my top list
#14 the best marvle villian would be Mr Doom himself, the gus is smart powerful and a well respected ruler.
#16 hmm I'm going with team cap for the movie.... sorry I couldn't resist putting this picture
#19 the best marvle movie so far for me would be the spiderman movie (if anyone hasn't figured it out yet yes I am a big spidy fan) it had a good store good actors and and good time length.
#20 my hobbies are pretty much reading games anime working out and last but not least collecting memorable thing from my childhood like movies books and games. got a pretty good collection so far... the rest is in the back couldn't reach
#27 . for a superhero I would want to be beast for his knowledge.. I feel if beast were real maby he can help with what's going on with the all the chaos in the world and make a big change by fixing our system.
#28 can you like both marvle and DC? of course you can, it's not segregation people it's just comic heros and villains we love
#29 this card is for everyone... it's sad our 29 days came so fast but all good things come to and end sometimes..... but dose it have to end? HE'LL NO IT DON'T. even though the 29 days are over it don't mean we can't still make events of other topics and why let the fun end. I enjoyed everyones comments, tags, cards, posts, and I can admit this, you guys put a smile on my face and gave me good laughs and new things to think about I'm happy to have met everyone in this 29 days and still hope to see you guys post cards. it only takes one person to bring people together.. also sorry for the language I get very emotional on this I'm serious about @Krystalstar22 @LadyLuna @BellofRay @ComicGeek @AshelyJewell @djdovbl3vp @Eculare @CalebOrr @Beannachtoraibh @MelissaGarza @DarrenRouton @JimTurpen @RyanOgg @Namrow @MichaelOgg @buddyesd @dominika @lescobedo @MyAffairWith @jibarito @YoSoysauce @Marichel @raenel @MarvleTrashcan @CandaceJordan @Mellyortiz @mexicanchika945 @BecauseFlowers @Chocomayne @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK
Lovely card! Thanks for taking The head Merc with a Mouth lol. I hope all is well with you and I do look forward to hearing more from you as well. But don't worry you will hear from me also because I'm mouthy 馃槀 Best Wishes friend L A
Awesome card!!! I love Beast too!!
@shannonl5 the best movies are always underrated
@buddyesd thanks
I can def see Iron Man being the one to go. It would be different enough from the comics to take people by surprise. And RDJ has said he'd like to see someone else playing the character. He's been working for Marvel for almost a decade now so I can understand also I LOVE EQUILIBRIUM!!! I only watched it because I like Taye Diggs but it's a really cool movie! Totally underrated, I don't really know anyone that's seen it let alone liked it
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