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Meaning of IMFACT it's a fact that they are going to make an impact on the kpop world + to carry facts with truthful music. Debut : 01-27-16 Debut Song: Lollipop Label: Star Empire Fanclub: not yet :( Social Media Twitter @IMFACTofficial + @imfact_twt Facebook: YouTube
Birth Name Lee Ji An Stage Name Jian Position Leader + Main Rapper Birthday Nov 8, 1993 Blood Type O Height 176cm 5'9 Fun Facts He likes to read history books incharge of rap making incharge of choreography ideal type is someone innocent (well not me) morning person (nope) biggest fear is spirits was a background dancer likes to watch movies deadly aegyo
Birth Name Park Je Up Stage Name Jeup Position Main Vocalist + Visual Birthday March 27, 1993 Blood Type A Height 172cm 5'7-5'8 (somewhere else i saw that he's 5'6) Fun Facts all members agree Jeup is the stinkiest one. Does martial arts Good at Skiing Likes to exercise fast runner calls himself a exercise machine
Birth Name Kim Tae Ho Stage Name Taeho Position Main Vocalist Birthday Nov 1, 1993 Blood Type O Height 172cm 5'7-5'8 Fun Facts loves to travel fav food is icecream + meat was an athlete but at age 20 he wanted to become a singer. keeps order, scariest member (gosh he's such a cutie pie) cooks likes to write lyrics composing incharge of choreography has the most aegyo in the group
Birth name Lee Sang Stage Name Sang Position Lead Vocalist Birthday Oct 17, 1995 Blood Type B Height 176cm 5'9 Fun Facts plays guitar likes to listen to music likes to exercise to relief stress writes lyrics composing gets timid sometimes if he were a girl and were to date one of the members he would pick himself bc he treats people the best.
Birth Name Na Ung Jae Stage Name Ungjae Position Rapper + Maknae Birthday May 28, 1998 Blood Type Height 5'8.5 174cm Fun Facts Plays Piano writes lyrics + rap writing composing has a freaking deep voice! his hair kinda stinks because he doesn't wash his hair too much so his luscious cotton candy color won't wash off composed all songs in their debut album
SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AND WHO IS YOUR BIAS!!!?:) @chaerica @isoldapazo @Sungiekitten
I'm thinking Jian is my bias!
thoroughly enjoyed! ....tho I don't have a bias yet...
Thanks for posting!!
@Kieuseru omg yes it's hard to pick a bias bc they're all truly talented and freaking adorable and good looking !! @ChaErica and omg yess he's amazing, i love him and the rest of the boys!:)
@ChaErica no problem:)!