@alywoah has laid down the rules of the March fitness challenge and tagged me. So Here's The Challenge: + Set 1 or 2 realistic goals for yourself this month. + Write a card about it. + Tag some people who you'd like to help support and cheer you on (including me!) + Keep us updated weekly (or more if you like) about your progress, struggles, concerns, questions, stories.
Goal 1: Push harder. For the past two months, I've just been easing back into a workout routine, using minimal weights on the machines. This month, I want to start adding to it, and maybe get over my fear of the weightlifting area.
2. Try not to let my monthly break my stride. I know...ew, gross! But really, this is one thing that really leaves me feeling defeated. It only lasts two days, but those are two impossible days, when it comes to working out. They leave me feeling drained for an even longer period of time, sometimes for up to two weeks. I'd like to improve my recovery time...maybe a little light yoga or walking will help me stay motivated.
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@shannonl5 You poor soul
2 years ago·Reply
For sure!!! You've definitely got this. Something that helped me with my weights fear was 1)having a friend who knew how to use them well help me and 2) the realization that literally nobody is looking at me and they really don't care what I'm doing. Haha I don't know if those are even things you struggle with but maybe that helps?
2 years ago·Reply
can't depressed
2 years ago·Reply
@peahyr haha yeah it was not the most fun I've ever had. Fortunately hormonal birth control works for me and now it's like one day :D
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 I'm glad you have something out there for you
2 years ago·Reply