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Here's how Postagram works: Select a picture from your smartphone's photo library, Facebook profile, or Instagram account; compose a short note; and enter your recipient's mailing address. The image is printed out on thick, glossy photo paper at 300 dpi resolution, and pops out of the card as a 3 x 3-inch print. Unfortunately, you're limited to sending square-shaped photos, which you have to crop yourself within the app. But Postagram is still a fun and easy way to give that run-of-the-mill postcard a more personal touch. Each Postagram costs only 99 cents to send, which is cheaper than the built-in Cards app baked into iOS 5. (It's $2.99 for domestic delivery and $4.99 for international delivery with Apple.) Even better, this completely free app is available for both iOS and Android phones.
This sounds so interesting! I think I'll look it up :3
@Tapsamai Sounds good. :)
niceeee Apps ! I just downloaded this !! hehee apparently I have 5 free postcards ! Cannot wait to send it on my first travel !
@yinofyang hehehe i just tried to post a card for my friend. It would take one week to arrive, but let see! If it is good, i will let you know ! :D
@nollakolla : you are welcome, mate !! it would be so cool to have the postcard of your own photo, back to your family :D
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