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Characters GD(Jiyong) X The reader Warning Kinky freaky Nasty naughty Porn lol jk jk Rate 19 and up and M and Adults lol For @CallMeMsDragon ^_^
How did it happen? All you could remember was going to a BIGBANG concert but how was it possible that you of all people were notice and by him of all idol him....maybe, Let try jogging back to that day shall we..;) THAT NIGHT THE AFTER PARTY Let see you were heading to the bathroom when someone suddenly bump into cause you to trip and break your heel which suck because those were a gift from your best friend And from Paris "YAH!" You shout shaking your heel in the air. your eyes widen and your throat tighten when you realize who you just yell at. You notice that fade red hair and those sexy tattoos now on his sexy shoulder And those nicely built arms and legs those devilish seducing eyes that stare right at you those moist yummy lips that he lick as he check you out and that collarbone of his that you just want to nibble on He grin as he notice you speechless "Wae...aren't you mad that I made your heel break, aren't you yelling at me or did you notice who I was" he said so cocky and that piss you off and brought you back down to reality "Ani! You owe me a pair of shoes just like these no different same detail and height, style from Paris! And-" he shut you up by covering your lips with his finger " about I repay you with something better" he whisper into your ear. " T.O.P my bias I couldn't do that to him" You said stupidly even though you know damn well GD is your UB He laugh at how bad you were at lying and pulls you back stage and into the dressing room. He check around to make sure no one around as he locks the door and pushes you onto the white couch "How about I get to know you better" he said tracing your body form And sliding his fingering down your chest to your belly button "You see, I've notice you at every concert and I been meaning to talk to you but every time I get near you my heart start beating so fast it's ridiculous and I just get the urge to attack you" Jiyong said looking at you with such lust in his eyes and it's crazy how he thought of you that way even more in 'that way' you didn't know what came over you but you grab his face and started kissing him he grab you by your waist and lift you as you wrap your legs around him. Jiyong swaps the table clean causing everything to fall to the floor and with no hesitation he take off his jacket and shirt he unzip his pants, You bite your lips as he bite his. He kiss your neck roughly as he grabs a fist full of your hair pulling back making your head tilt back he unzip your skin tight black dress and spread your legs open as he goes down and licks your red small tight panties teasingly but your couldn't hold yourself back anymore you dream of this day for so long how could you hold back. You push him to floor as you took off your pantie you stood over Him as he grin at you and licks him lips and pulling you down on your knees as you sat on his face the way he moved his tongue the way he twirled it against your clit "Jiyong....wait" you groan as your grab his red hair getting closer to climax but he rolls you over to your back as he grab you by your ankles and shove his members in deep causing you to let out a loud cry of pleasure " you can't cum until I'm ready to cum to (Y/N) okay" he said as he ram in deeper and hard which made it harder for you to hold your moans in "its okay (Y/N) no one can hear us go ahead and let out those sexy moans I crave to hear" he lean close to your nipples as he licks one and flicks the other one as he still is moving inside you. It felt so good you didn't realize the scratch marks you were making on his back. "Wanna play a game" he said so suddenly "a game what am I boring you" you thought to yourself " let see who can top who I love a woman who dominate " he said teasing and with no hesitation you tackle him down as you went down on him licking him and deep throating so deep you hit your gag reflex "to big " he said chuckling as he grab you and pin you against the sofa and spread your leg wrapping them over his arms as he shove it in hard and deep you grab onto his choker as you move your hips you realize how good it made him feel and took advantage and rolled your hips but he didn't give in and turn you on to your stomach as he thrust in slowly than ram in and slowly pull out a bit and ram in again It felt so good you were so close to climax when he start going harder and faster and deeper, you could hear his moans which made you cum but he didn't stop he kept going making you even more sensitive. He suddenly pull out turns you over cumming on your stomach but that didn't stop you there you wanted more as you shoved it back in, Jiyong body trembles as you moved your hips up and down you could feel him inside you so deep and close to your pelvis. He grabs your ankle and start to pond your harder making you shout his name and dig your claws into the couch you had already cum like 5 times you couldn't handle anymore before your realize it you pass out. The next morning you woke up beside Jiyong in his bed stil naked You pinch your self to make sure it wasn't a dream when you suddenly feel kisses on your back "good morning ready for round 2" he smile at you and what a beautiful smile he has it's irresistible and his tattoos on his body GodDamn no wonder he just seduce you wait wait did he just say "round 2" you ask him as he pins you down and licks your neck and cheek Than out of nowhere a beeping sound was heard and GD breath smelled like beef and baloney You open eyes to find yourself in bed and A dog licking your face
TaDa your welcome give me another one this is fun And yes I'm sorry I had to end it that way lol don't hate me hehe Sorry if I grammar suck it's 3:37 am here lol
@Helixx breathe take a oxygen tank with you lol
@AbbyRamey lol nasty nasty
wet dream?
@twistedPuppy have you ever thought about making this one into a story? I wouldn't mind coming to read it.
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