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Hi I am Rhia and I need your help *points at you * Haha So I am trying to know every kpop band and musician. why? ehh idk, it's fun~~
Please Help me by suggesting Kpop artists. Now here's the thing it doesn't just have to be pop, it can be ballad, hiphop, trot, country, etc. Any artist that I guess is in the music industry of korea ( and any other good artists you suggest,just mention by their name what country they are from) The suggestions can be new bands/artists or old bands/artists.
Now here are some of the bands that I listen to FREQUENTLY: •BTS + The solo members •GOT7 •EXO •Astro •Zico •BlockB •Jay Park •IU •AKMU •Jessi •AOA •Ailee •EXID •FTIsland •Led Apple •Nu'est •Teen Top •Winner+ The solo members •Ikon •BigBang + The solo members •2ne1 + The solo members •VIXX •F(x) •Girls Generation •Day5 •Hyuna •4 minute •BAP (there are probably more I am forgetting )
so please help me create a long list to listen to !!! THANKYOU ~~~♡
omg also boys republic, jjcc, bigstar, 5urprise , infinite
also The Legend, Up10tion, Speed, 100%, Boyfriend, Monsta X, Madtown, Royal Pirates, Ft.Island , Romeo, IMFACT, Map6, Big Bang, Lu:kus, High4
24k ,Romeo , day6 , and there's a group called fit girls :)
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