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She is the chowgypsy. As she travels the world, She shares everything about the pursuit of good food and spending as little money as possible. On her wwoofing volunteer work in France, she did learn how to make goat cheese in the rural style. And it is fascinating to see and to learn how to make those delicious goat cheese that we are all dying for (Well, not all of us, but I am sure a lot of us are dying for this piece of cheese) Read her blog, for more tip and follow her travel around the world, and get inspire. I will talk more about Wwoofing next week, if you guys are interesting about it :)
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Good one !! I would love to work here as a volunteer! Could you give me some tips how to be a volunteer here if you know ?
@sofiamuller758 wooooo this llooks like such a unique experience!!! i would have never thought of that!!! i would love to see how cheese is made
@nollakolla I will write more about the wwoof farming to you later next week, when I have time :)
@kristenadams heheh I know !! This is a really good expereince, but too bad I just rewrite from the blogger! I wishes that I could experience something like that as well :(