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Make March better challenge

Well I usually don't participate in fitness challenges because uhm . ..Well being lazy is awesome
okay I'm addicted to being lazy. I'm always tired. I would stay in bed all day playing games surfing the net and only get up when I need to or to eat ,shower and when I have to go to night class or drill (I'm a firefighter in training ) my first goal is to put the controllers down get off my pretty little A$$ file the divorce paper with my bed and start investing my time in something more useful (like being the fireman im trying to be )
uhm second goal..Well I'm really tall and skinny (5'9 or 6'1) I know so many people out there trying to lose weight and I'm here like stuffing my face trying to do the opposite it's seems like the more I eat the Skinnier I get *sight* what a pain ! anyway that aside . wouldn't it be awesome to be tall and skinny with a nice body ☝☝. "yeahh that's right I can already see the ladies drooling over me... just kidding Hahaha " so there you have it my second goal is to build my body to look exactly how I want it to (this might take forever tho ) @alywoah @Beannachtoraibh
Sorry I missed this! How's the divorce coming along? lol And the firefighter training? PS...I changed my sn from @BeannachtOraibh, if you want to tag me
Ah you're training to be a fire fighter??? pretty cool! weight train, weight gainer, and fooodd dude
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