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You've defeated Monday.

On a lower note, you still have four days left until the weekend begins. Whether you believe you can make it through yet another hour of work or whatever it may be that's bothering you, know that it is not the end of the world. They say shopping cures all and lifts moods, but instead of spending money to bring some sunshine to your day -- let's focus on naturally lifting your mood.
It may sound rather difficult, but it actually doesn't take too much effort. If you're feeling down and out or maybe you just need a quick pick me up, keep scrolling to see five ways to lift your mood naturally.

Add A Bit Of Ginger To Your Life

While your initial thought may be going out and finding a red head, I'm actually referring to the ginger root. Whether you're making tea, adding a thumb into your smoothie or chugging down a shot -- you will definitely feel the difference. Give it a try.

Get In Shape

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when you work out, you feel good. You might not feel good during the process, but afterwards you will feel super relieved and glad that you put those 45 minutes in at the time.

Run Yourself A Warm Bath

Not just any bath. Incorporate bath salts and relax. Epsom salt is probably your best bet, not only will it relax your mind and body -- but it will also relieve you of some much needed stress.

Rub On Some Essential Oils

Smell is everything. If you're feeling a tad bit down, smelling your favorite scent will definitely lift your spirits.

Take It Up A Notch With Your Beauty

When you look good, you feel good. It's pretty self-explanatory.

How do you lift your mood?

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Oh cool! I didn't know that about ginger! Also, I'm so into looking good/feel good strategy. When I'm feeling down or sick I usually try to spruce up my outfit and makeup
I'm a huge fan of both lavender and mint. I've never tried menthol crystal, but I will definitely have to!! @atmi
I almost depends on essential oils to boost my mood. lavender+peppermint oil. can't live without it. or when in rushing I just rub some menthol crystal behind my neck for instant refreshing
always the best combination for sure @humairaa
Food n music!!
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