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It's your boy...Its G-Dragon baby!

This man,,, ohhhh this man right here... Can kill anyone easily!!!!!

Here is your bias,, also MINES!! xD

Known as the best Fashionista in Korea

(Just look... how sexy....ok moving on)

A man who dedicated his life into music, and pour his heart and soul.

And of course!!!!! We can't forget how cute he is with us xD

That smile.... GD just stop.... xD xD

Like literally,,, control yourself GD... .

Look at that tongue and lips. Oh my Oh my

Him and his furry friend.

I really want one of those hats!!!!!


"You enjoy what you see,, let's show you more of me. Are you prepared? Cuz I'm coming towards you"

He never fails to melt, or kill his fans. He can just sit still and BOOM.. we still die. xD

My two Favorite songs from him.

1. Butterfly 2. Crooked

The best collaboration I love the most.... and it was with the best of best females here in America.

(well in my opinion)

He is cute, adorable, funny and just a dork!

Kappa 2016

GD and Seungri

GD and Taeyang

GD and TOP

GD and Daesung


"You love me??? That much .. ..Really??"


"Of course you do! Now shhhhh AND join me"

Welllll........ that was. *cough cough*

This man is just Perfect!!

Hope you guys enjoy the Bias of today.GD was actually #2 the whole time. Seems like the best was saved for last!! xD

GD's Dragons

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GD!!!!Jiyong!!!Kwon Jiyong!!!!! just got to fangirling!!!
I think I saved just about every picture on here. πŸ˜‚ His face is beautiful. His tattoos are hot. His legs are beautiful! He kills any hair style and color he has. I just love this man so much! 😍
And I'm dead. I'm going to lie here in my grave dreaming about GD instead of going to work, mmmkay?