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The beginning of March, a new semester awaits you. This year just be you. If your life revolved around pleasing someone else last year, let them go. Focus on giving everything you have for your dreams, to know and love yourself and those around you. Occupy your time and energy discovering how amazing you can be just by yourself, and you will be too busy to care about gaining the approval of people who never really cared about you in the first place. Your life is too precious for it to revolve around winning other people`s affections that ultimately amounts to nothing. Your life was bound to be so much more than that. Just let yourself discover and feel that truth inside and outside. Don`t compare yourself with whoever you feel is your current rival. They don`t mean a damn thing unless all you care about is winning them. This is the year for you to learn satisfaction from being your true self, not the year to please your crush, your lover, your parents, or your classmates, co-workers, teacher, friends or acquaintances. So be mad for once and see how fast and further you can run, when you show the world your true character. Show them that it was you that first believed in the limitless bundle of potential called you. If you become the first to believe in yourself, you will never become the last to acknowledge how wonderful are. Other people will do that for you when you are ready, when it is your time to shine in the spotlight. But be patient, that time isn`t now. You are still only a small flower bud, that needs to be watered and nurtured by yourself. Let go of obsessing over how precious you are to others, because if you believe in yourself and what you are here for, you become an irreplaceable, important addition to the world without other people`s validation or clarification. So be you this year, and don`t follow and stalk other people`s opinions of you like you did last year. Remember that this year is only going to be your year if you own it yourself. And to own something means to let go of what is holding your every attention, obsession, passion, devotion, time and energy. What is it, who is it that you are desperately holding on to? Let them go. Be free. Be you. Live. Believe = BE. LIVE. #inspirational #newyear #newsemester #semesterone #beginningofmarch #beyourself #dontcompare #theyearofyourlife #motivational #inspiringquotes
Wow! thank you!! I needed to hear this. I'm going through some personal stuff, and I tend to bundle it up when I should just stop comparing myself to others.
@nicolejb I agree!!
The best is to see that everyone is equal and beautiful! Including yourself