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“He is just a friend, nothing more nothing less.” You practically hissed angrily.
“If he is just a friend then why can’t I meet him?” Mark’s lips that used to once turn up into a smile that would send butterflies through your stomach, now turned into a fuming frown that felt like it could crush your very heart.
“You are always busy!” You shot back angrily.
“I am an idol now! Of course I am busy!” Your argument slowly began to get louder and you knew the rest of the boys would come to make sure everything was ok at any moment. “Do you want me to cancel a fan meet just to meet this guy you spend way too much time with? Oh I know, how about we cancel a concert instead?”
You sighed and threw your head back in exasperation. “No Mark, that is not what I am saying.” You looked back at him a look of pleading in your eyes. “I grew up with him Mark, you knew about him before we started dating.”
“That was when he was in the states and you weren’t spending all of your time with him. You even cancelled our anniversary dinner so you could go see him!” You flinched, he was right. You had cancelled on Mark but that was because Jake said it was an emergency and he needed you to come over. How were you to know he was just bored and nothing was actually wrong.
Your hands raised up into the air and fell back to your sides with a loud smack. “What do you want from me Mark? I told you I was sorry.”
“What do I want from you?” Mark’s face darkened and he chuckled, not one of those bright happy chuckles, but one of those ‘I cannot believe you just asked that’ chuckles that made your stomach churn. You instantly regretted your words and searched for anyway to amend this fight in your brain. “You know what?” The look on his face was of pure malice and you opened your mouth to object before he could say anything. “I don’t need you anymore Y/N.” You froze your heart coming to a complete stop in your chest. “I am an idol now.” You heard the door open and knew that you now had an audience. “I don’t need to keep an unfaithful and lying girlfriend by my side when I can have any girl I want.”
“Wait I was never…” You tried to interject but he just continued.
“I don’t want anything from you anymore Y/N. You can go back to Jake now. I’m done.” His face had become strangely calm and his voice had gotten lower. The level of calm that had over taken him scared you. Was it really over? Did he just break up with you?
“Mark? I...”
“Leave Y/N.” He turned his back to you and walked out the door leaving you standing there still trying to process what had happened. Yes, you were angry, and yes it was a problem that needed to be fixed, but somewhere things had gotten carried away.
You stumbled back a couple steps your hand moving to cover your breaking heart. You felt like you had been hit in the chest and your lungs could no longer give you the air you needed to survive. Tears stung your eyes and you bit your lip to keep them from spilling down your cheeks. Three years, ended just like that. Your hand flew up to cover your mouth as a slight sob came out. A hand fell on your shoulder and Jackson looked at you his eyebrows knit together in worry. The moment his eyes looked in yours you lost it. Your legs gave away and he hurried to catch you as your body shook from the heart wrenching sobs. You had had enough. You had both been fighting for weeks over something as stupid as this. The frustration, anger, sadness, and pain that had been locked up, now came pouring down your cheeks in rivers of emotions. Jackson cooed at you trying to tell you it would all be ok but that only made you cry even harder. Nothing was going to be okay now. Mark had ended it, it had only taken two words ‘I’m done’ and your entire world imploded. How could something that has lasted so long break so easily? He had managed it, and he had done it like it hadn’t mattered to him either way. Did he not care? Did it not bother him that it was over? Was your heart the only one that had shattered into a million unfixable pieces?
You stayed in Jackson’s arms there on the floor in the practice room crying your eyes out. The rest of the members slowly made their way out and after a while of Jackson just holding you close and letting you cry, you eventually cried yourself to sleep your body shutting down from the pain.
One Year Later
“Aww come on Noona!” You laughed as you listened to Jackson’s voice from the other side of the phone. “You know it will be fun, and I need a partner in crime!”
You laughed again and shook your head. “And why don’t you call one of the other idol girls to go with you?” You walked over to a new rack of clothes and began to shuffle through them. Nodding and shaking your head to pieces your assistants showed to you.
“Noonaaaaa” He whined causing you to shake your head again. “I want you to come.”
You smirked. “You want me to bring you a new outfit don’t you?”
The line got quiet and you raised your eyebrow waiting for him to come up with some excuse. “Well that would be nice but I want to take Noona with me.”
You pointed at the blue blazer your assistant held up and gave a thumbs up. “You only want me for my fashion sense… I am crushed Jackson.” You let the sarcasm fill your voice and heard him snort.
“You are a fashion designer Noona, everyone wants you for your fashion sense.”
You both laughed and you nodded. “Okay, okay, I will go with you.” You didn’t have to see him to know he was silently doing a victory dance. “I will also pick out an outfit for you if you want.”
“Thank you Noona! It’s tomorrow at 8pm I will come over and see you before that!”
With that you ended the call and handed your phone to one of your assistants. You weren’t sure why you had agreed to go this time. Ever since Mark had broken up with you, you had taken extra care to not run into him. If you went with Jackson tomorrow, you were sure to see him. You sighed lost in thought for a moment. It had been an entire year since you had broken up with him and there still wasn’t a day that you didn’t think about him. Not thinking about him wasn’t easy when GOT7 had started to get popular, and you saw his face everywhere, heard his voice everywhere, and watched him smile like nothing had ever happened. He had never shown any kind of regret or even hiccup after the break up. He still showed up on variety shows and talk shows with smiles on his face and a light hearted attitude. Either his acting had improved over the years you were together or he never felt anything when you had broken up. You bet it had to be the latter because he was never good at acting. You wondered for a moment who he would be bringing to the party and if your heart would be able to handle him holding hands and kissing on another woman. Even though you wanted to pretend that you were over it. You still loved Mark and sometimes wondered what would have happened if you hadn’t broken up over something so stupid.
Your assistant pulled you out of your thoughts as she held up a sequenced dress. You shook your head and moved to get back to work. There was no time to stand around thinking about something that was already over. You not only had a show coming up but also the party with Jackson tomorrow, and there was no way a fashion designer could show up to a party without an outfit that killed.
You walked into the party your arm linked with Jackson’s. He smiled brightly at everyone as they looked at you both. “Nervous?” He asked you.
Nodding slightly, you straightened your back and tried to seem confident. “It has been a while since I have come to celebrity functions like this.”
“About a year right? You should still be used to it though, when you have your fashion shows all of the eyes are on you as the designer.”
You shook your head. “No the feeling isn’t the same. Everyone there loves fashion and I know what to talk about. I can’t remember the last time I watched a Drama or listened to someone’s latest album.”
Jackson laughed and told you to relax and everything would be fine. More people would be too busy staring at your dress than listening to what you had to say. That made you laugh and you were glad he was there with you.
You walked up to the table that the other members of GOT7 occupied and smiled as they jumped to their feet to greet you.
“Noona you look great!” BamBam smiled at you brightly.
“Long time no see Noona.” JB added.
“You going back into hibernation after the party?” Jr. joked.
You laughed and shook your head. “I can’t ignore your invites forever.” You smiled and greeted the other members before your eyes met his. He stared at you no emotion on his face and you bit the inside of your cheek and turned your attention back to the other boys. You knew he would be here but nothing had prepared your heart for the encounter. The little betrayer beat wildly in your chest and you only realized you had been holding your breath when Jackson snaked his arm around your shoulder and told you to breath. You smiled thanking him and tried to calm your bodies hyperactive reaction to having seen him in person after so long.
He didn’t stand, he didn’t greet you, and most of the night he kept his distance just glancing at you every now and then. You on the other hand had jumped right back into being a social butterfly. You had forgotten how much fun you used to have at these events. Different idols, actors, and celebrities came up to you amazed that you had taken time out of your schedule to come to the party. Many of them asked about your new line and what you had in mind for the next line. Before you knew it, you were completely enjoying yourself, laughing and joking with the different celebrities and exchanging numbers so you wouldn’t lose contact again when you ‘crawled back under a rock’.
You smiled and laughed as you talked to the boys from BTS asking them if they had liked the last concept outfits you had sent them. Wrapped up in your own conversation you didn’t notice the two seated back at the table just staring at you.
“You going to at least talk to her hyung?” Jackson asked Mark. He had noticed that Mark’s eyes hadn’t left you since you had walked into the party and the look only seemed to grow darker the more people you talked to. His lip twitching slightly when you would smile brightly and giggle at the men’s jokes.
“No.” He tore his gaze away from you and turned his attention to Jackson. “It wouldn’t change anything.”
“How do you know? You said you were sorry for how things ended. I finally got you the chance to see her in person and you are going to waste it just staring at her talk to other guys?”
Mark clenched his jaw and took a deep breath as he turned his attention back to you. “Y/N seems happier somehow. I shouldn’t ruin her mood by bringing up the past.”
“You know for sure that she will be upset if you talk to her?” Jackson raised an eyebrow and slapped Mark on the shoulder as he stood up to walk away. “Talk to her bro, you never know when you will get another chance.”
Mark wasn’t sure if it was the right decision but he needed to at least talk to you for a moment before you disappeared from before his eyes again.
The night was slowly coming to an end and many celebrities were making their way home for the night. You had decided you too should head that way. The show was looming to close for you to play too hard. You said some goodbyes to your friends and made your way over to the GOT7 table. “I’m going to head home.” You told them. “We should go out to eat sometime, and you can’t forget to come to my show next week.” You smiled as they agreed and turned towards Mark. “It was good seeing you.” You stated simply before bowing formally and turning to leave the party.
You pulled into your complex and made your way up the elevator to your own floor. The lock made a clicking sound after you pushed in the code and you opened the door right before you felt someone grab you from behind and push you into the apartment. Your eyes grew big and you opened your mouth to scream, only for it to be muffled by a big hand that had gently been placed there. You looked up into the eyes of your attacker as he pinned you against the wall and your heart stopped. The hand left your mouth and you looked at him in confusion. “What are you doing here Mark?”
He ran his hand nervously through his hair, his gaze not once meeting yours. “I’m sorry.”
Your eyebrows knit together and you stared at him wondering if you were dreaming. It had been too long since he had been in your apartment, too long since you had felt his touch, and way too long since you had listened to his voice the words directed at you personally. “What are you…”
“I messed up, and when I realized I messed up I should have gone straight to you, but I didn’t and now here we are.” A pained expression crossed his face and you absentmindedly reached up to touch his cheek only to stop before making contact and pulling your hand back.
“At least a late apology is still an apology.” You said as you moved to walk further into the apartment. He followed closely behind you as you made your way to the living room. You were all too aware of where his body was at all moments. The smell of his cologne drifted to your nose and left your senses dizzy. You mentally slapped yourself for having such thoughts. It was over and he only came over to apologize. He should be leaving any minute. You waited for him to say something but the silence dragged on. Finally giving up on him starting the conversation you spun around and were met by his broad chest.
You hadn’t realized just how close he had been standing and now your stomach was doing flips as your heart beat faster. Clearing your throat quietly you looked up at him only to be met by a pair of lips pressed against yours. At first you had thought of fighting the temptation, but all too quickly you melted into the kiss your body pressing against his. When he finally pulled back slightly he ran a hand through your hair and stared at you. “I don’t like seeing all those men around you.” You knew he had to be referring to the party. “I still want you Y/N.” Your heart was beating so fast now you thought it would explode.
“It’s something you have to deal with, just like I don’t like fan girls trying to touch on you, but I deal with it.”
He bit his lip and walked forward causing you to move backward until the back of your knees hit the sofa. “I love you Y/N. Will you give us another shot?”
You nodded your head gently and it was as if you had opened the flood gates. His body crashed into yours causing you to fall back onto the couch. He didn’t waste any time climbing on top of you and starting to kiss you roughly. You welcomed the feel of his lips against yours and his hand gently making its way up your dress. Your arms moved to wrap around his neck and you deepened the kiss lifting your hips to rub against his.
He broke the kiss looking down at you before moving to leave gentle bites down your neck and over the exposed skin of your shoulder. You bit your lip as you moved your hand down and felt his hard member under his pants. Your pulse was racing and you decided you were passed the point of no return. The buttons on his shirt came apart quickly and you pulled it off of him as he started to unzip your dress.
RING RING. You both stopped and looked over at the table where his phone sat. He huffed angrily and moved to answer it. “Hello?” He said in slightly irritated English. He nodded his head then spoke. “I am a bit busy right now but I won’t be back to the dorm tonight let the others know.” You heard someone on the other line tell him to ‘get it’ you only assumed it could be Jackson. He then threw the phone back onto the table and turned back kissing you softly. “Now, where was I?”
.... I should think these stories through before I write them. *Fans self* No more hot moments with my bias' I might go and kill myself. Was this too much? Do you guys enjoy moments like those or should I just toss them out the window and stick to 'cleaner' stories? That is probably as far as I will get with those moments because it is a bit strange for me to write them past that. Let me know.
As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!!! Let me know about tags as usual people.
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