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For any of you who have ever had braces (yes, I had braces too), this story will make you happy and jealous of this adorable puppy! How does he look so adorable when I looked like an awkward duck with my braces? This puppy is so cute, though, that I can't even be mad about it.

Meet Wesley, the puppy with braces!

Wesley had some teeth problems.

Baby Wesley, an adorable golden retriever puppy, had some teething problems when he was young. Once his adult teeth started coming in, they weren't coming in correctly and Wesley couldn't close his mouth all of the way because of his crooked teeth. Because of these problems, Wesley started losing weight and he wasn't playing with any of his toys.

So Wesley got braces!

Wesley's owner, Molly talked to her father who luckily is a specialist in veterinary dentistry. And lucky for Wesley, he only has to wear the braces for a few weeks before he can go back to enjoying being a puppy!

Rock that braces look, Wesley!

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@danidee haha or eat popcorn! :(
Now he can't chew gum!
@danidee I know I feel horrible for the dog because I'm sure he doesn't understand why his teeth hurt, but he is sooooo freaking cute
Omg, my sister showed me this a few days ago, and I felt so bad for it.
The braces life is tough1
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