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When I started this anime I didn't expect much from it I was watching it just for the hell of it. But after finishing it I can say this anime is surprisingly good.
Yamada Kun and the seven witches starts out with trouble maker Ryuu Yamada down a flight of stairs into the ace student Urara Shiraishi and wakes up to find out he switched bodies with her!!! Then after falling down the stairs a lot more times he and Urara figure out that they switched bodies by a kiss.
this anime had some well used fan service service, good animation, and the story was pretty good to. The it are two problems in this anime though. Number one after finishing it I found myself dissatisfied about how they solved the problem in the end the villain in this was just so mysterious and seemingly evil and they ruined him at the end I was very disappointed. Number two the lack of all the witches. The story was mainly centered around Yamada and Urara which is all well and good but the character build and screen time on some of the witches who I really wanted to see more and know more about was almost none. Overall I enjoyed the anime so I give 31/2 stars an enjoyable anime 🌟🌟🌟✨
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watching it thanks for the push i needed