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Hey guys! So I have been thinking... I know... DANGEROUS...about changing up things...

So as of right now, my Kpop Meme Collection and my Kpop Member Collection have had the same cards for a while, but that is all about to change...

I thought that I should start doing them separately once again! Therefore, the Meme collection will be random memes that I find, not just strictly members, and the Member collection will continue to be the same as it has been from now on! I thought that I should start this now as I just finished the Monsta X member cards and I thought that it was time to change things up a little bit.

SO BE PREPARED! I will do both the cards for my Kpop Memes Collection and my Kpop Member Collection on the same day so you can keep an eye out for both of them! I hope you guys think this is a good idea as I am excited to bring back the random meme cards for you guys! This change will start on Thursday so look forward to it!

Also, thank you guys for all your love and support for my cards and collections as it means so much to me! I wouldn't put these cards up and make all these changes and new collections if it weren't for you, Vingle Fam~

Lastly, tell me if you want to be tagged for both collections or for only one of them if you are not on my taglist, as I would love to add you to it! Love you fam!~

ANYTHING!! Love your cards😆
I can't wait for the dosage of happiness! Tag me for everything please! 😄
Tag me for both!
Both!!! I'm so excited!!!
All the tags! I know im on the list but still. I'm excited about this.