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Well here goes nothing.

[Disclaimer: please excuse the dirty mirror in the above image]
I've been on my fitness journey for a good two years now and while I have my moments where I'm lazy and just want to devour a container of Talenti gelato, I constantly have to remind myself how far I've come.
So, when @alywoah tagged me in her fitness challenge for the month of March, it took me some time to think of just two realistic goals I would manage to focus on for the month ahead. You can see her original card [here]. Keep scrolling to see the rules and my attainable goals below.

So Here's The Challenge:

+ Set 1 or 2 realistic goals for yourself this month.
+ Write a card about it.
+ Tag some people who you'd like to help support and cheer you on (including me!)
+ Keep us updated weekly (or more if you like) about your progress, struggles, concerns, questions, stories.

My Goals Are As Followed:

1.) Lose 5 Pounds!
Since moving to New York the end of May, I have gained a total of 13lbs. It may not sound like much to many, but in my eyes -- it's way too much. For this month I am setting a goal to lose 5lbs. Once I lose that, I will set another goal for myself as far as weight loss. I understand after losing 100+ pounds that anything is possible, but the struggle is real. I'm ready though!
2.) Be Persistent With My Working Out
While working out is not the only factor that plays into weight loss, I feel like I have the eating park down packed. When I get in the gym I'm all for a good workout, but it's those moments that I contemplate going to the gym that make the journey the hardest. Two years ago, I was in the gym 4 days per week. Now it's seldom I even make it three. While it may sound a bit difficult, I plan on putting aside a minimum of 30 minutes to do some sort of outdoor or in gym workout at least 6 days per week.

Are you up for the challenge?

What are your fitness goals for the month of March?
[sorry, if I tagged you along with @alywoah]
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You are very welcome!!! I can definitely attest to that! @nicolejb an amazing, refreshed feeling
2 years agoReply
I seriously admire your motivation for working out! I could only hope to achieve that. Good Luck on your goals!
2 years agoReply
awww thank you so much! @MaighdlinS you honestly don't know how much your comment means. and you can definitely achieve it. just put your mind to making it happen and the rest is attainable :)
2 years agoReply
I'm not motivated to work out anymore. Too much pain for negligibe gain!
2 years agoReply
haha, I like the rhyme scheme. but I definitely understand where you're coming from @humairaa
2 years agoReply