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Yesterday I wrote a card about a new challenge, which you can find HERE.
Basically the challenge is to set one or two goals for yourself this month. Tag a bunch of people (including me) that you'd like to support you. Write cards about your journey/struggles/stories.

Today's the first day!

You're still encourage to join the challenge. Make sure to write a card about your goal/s for this month!


I also created a new collection and I'll be adding all cards related to the challenge in there. So that way it's easier for all of use to fin the cards. :)

The collection is right hurrrr: Make March Better Collection
Also I would like to give a huge thank you to @BeannachtOraibh and @ebethoven or writing their cards for this challenge. You guys are awesomeeee.
You can check out @BeannachtOraibh's card HERE
You can check out @ebethoven's card HERE
baby steps
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defiantly baby steps
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