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For a thin guy like Chen, he is definitely Strong!!
Chanyeol and his Minions
Definitely a Manly Man
Our Martial Arts teacher
BoBoHu trying hard as possible
Grandpa Suho
Please don't mind me adding Kris, Tao and Luhan in this card even though they are not in EXO
The second my eyes came across "Grandpa Suho" my mind went "Grandpa Kyu"... I've been spending to much time in the Infinite fandom...
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I love this! So cute! I especially love Tao's expressions in these lol he's so cute and when Sehun just jumped in his arms and he didn't miss a beat. Amazing
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when he jumped up in tao's arm and he just kept waving o-o
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they're still the ot12. plus I remember the show seeing Suho lifting Kai like that. With Luhan, he mostly picks up Xiumin anyway. Sehun just wants to be carried everywhere 😂😂
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Lmao why is he only ever piggy back riding Chanyeol? Man if I didn't already ship Chanbaek I would totally ship Chanyeol/Chen
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