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Aphton Corbin, a character animation student at CalArts, has been making some astounding webcomics every day in honor of Black History month. The daily comics vary in their tone, but each of them tackles the issues that Black Americans face on a daily basis, the kinds of microaggressions and macroaggressions they encounter in their lives. One comic stands out in particular to me, though. It's the comic they put up for the 27th of February, and it talks about the issues of representation in visual media - specifically with manga and anime, where Corbin first found their inspiration. Check out their comic below, and the rest of their work here.
I like that he doesn't sit around complaining about it he didn't blame anyone and wait for someone else to do it he does it himself. Respect
wow! I love this and I love that the artist focuses on diversity!
Wow this is so cool! I love their art style as well.
@YumiMiyazaki that's what I'm here for! and don't be afraid to share your art on vingle!
@ChrisStephens maybe it won't be, but It's cool that that's where his inspiration comes from, and if he can use those styles and themes and make more diverse american animations, then awesome.
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